June 28, 2012

Eight Years

Matt and I will be flying out on July 28 to Freeport. We have exactly one month left here in the States. However, we only have a couple more weeks here in Indianapolis. July 13 we will move out of our apartment and up north for two weeks before the big move.

Matt and I at Super Bowl XLVI in Indy
When thinking of moving, I had thought how hard it will be to leave home - mainly Shipshewana. It will be hard to leave family, friends and 'home.' I didn't anticipate how hard it will be to leave Indianapolis. I've lived here in Indy now for eight years. It's hard to believe it was eight years ago that I moved into the dorm at UIndy, then lived by myself downtown and now with Matt.

Looking back through the past eight years, I have never once regretted coming to Indianapolis. Indy has been very good to me! Earning my degree, meeting Matt, making wonderful lifelong friends, getting a fabulous job and getting engaged to Matt has all happened in these short eight years.

Matt and I have been compiling a list of things we want to do before we head out - namely visiting our favorite restaurants for one last good meal - Bazbeauxs, Chatham Tap and Kilroy's to name a few!

So thank you, Indy! You have evolved from a college home to a real home. We will miss you!
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