June 30, 2014

Home Sweet America

I've been a terrible blogger. I don't know if I can call myself that at this point. Oh well. Obviously America and this baby have me all occupied, so what can I say.

I'll try and recap our experience repatriating, but there will surely be gaps. No one's got time for an in depth recap.

Last I recall, I had yet to announce the gender of Baby W. So again for the sake of brevity, our airport gender reveal.....

He's a BOY! And he's adorable. My parents were split on their opinions. Mom was obviously thinking girl, and Pop was right on thinking boy. And I should point out, the first photo was on the LONGEST airport taxiing route of my life. The pilot even said he gave us a free tour of Chicago while routing to our gate. But we were in first class, so we enjoyed our water and blanket and cookies and decided we never would fly coach again. (Yea, right.)

But you may ask, how do I know he's adorable? Well, without just looking at how cute his parents are and that being enough, we also were lucky enough to have a 3D ultrasound. That technology is just amazing. Look at this handsome guy.

So snuggly and cozy in there. I mean, really. How precious! This was at 25 weeks. We're now at the 32 week mark. Eek!

Beyond that exciting news, we've adjusted back to America in a whirlwind of a way. The first full day we were home we bought a car. Welcome back to America - now here's a car payment.

Then, we found out Matt's identity was stolen. Getting a call from collections about an Abercrombie credit card payment that we clearly never opened was one way to welcome us back to the good ole land of the free. 

We made several trips to the grocery and to Target (duh) and tried not be overwhelmed, but inevitably we'll still end up with five bags of something in our cart because we're just excited they are in stock. And the anger gets a bit out of hand when something is actually out of stock. This is America. It's supposed to always be there.  But we get over that real quick when we don't have to pay $15 for a gallon of milk.

Things that we're getting used to - paying bills, checking our mail, watching for severe weather, putting gas in the car and having a phone with wifi that works all the time.

We made our move up to Michigan. It's our first real address in a couple of years which is nice and strange. We're finding our way around. The new challenge we've had this time is actually having to drive and find places. In our last two moves, we've just had to rely on a taxi or bus to take us around. Thank goodness for Siri and our phones that work regardless of an internet connection. 

We also got our first electric bill. Let's just say it was much more reasonable than what we've been paying the past two years.

The hardest part to adjust back to was was the pace and the chaos of American life. Going to the grocery can be an all around rat race - rushing from aisle to aisle, knocking people out of the way. And just the amount of people can be overwhelming. Not to mention people here aren't as outwardly friendly and tend to look at you strange when you greet everyone with a 'good day.' 

We've been soaking up all of America we can. Watching my nephew's t-ball games, baked goods, movie theaters, ice cream, shopping malls, reuniting with friends, steak and more. One of the best parts? Maternity clothes. God bless the elastic waistband. 

Matt is loving fifth semester here in Saginaw as much as I am. We actually get to see each other and spend time together. Who knew?! He has a much more relaxed schedule which is so nice. He's also fully enjoying getting to experience all the rotations. It is definitely flying by as he just took his midterm.

From here, we are finished August 2. Then it's back to Indiana to get ready for Baby Wells. Then we are there for an undetermined amount of time until we know where we're going next. So now, we just try to enjoy as much as we can and get ready for baby in every way possible.

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