March 14, 2014

Next Stop, Michigan

We are officially headed back to the Midwest!

I can't even tell you how heartwarming it is to be able to say that. We've been living in the Caribbean for 19 months. 19 months that have flown by in all honesty. But it's still quite a while.

Matt got his assignment for his fifth semester. Ross gives the options of staying in Dominica, Miami, or Saginaw, Michigan. Being that Saginaw is less than three hours from my hometown, we have been eagerly aiming for Michigan.

And we finally got the good news he was accepted!

While we have had an incredible experience here in Dominica and in the Bahamas overall, we are so ready to be close to home, close to our family and friends, and back to the comforts of America.

Truth be told, I am a little anxious about coming home. Living here and through this experience Matt and I have both changed quite a bit. It will definitely take some acclimating to get used to living outside of our bubble, but I'm eager to do so. All the while trying to not wish the last of our time away here.

So fifth semester is a transition semester from lectures to clinical settings. Ross is actually changing this program, as Matt's class is the last class to go through it as it is currently structured. This semester is shorter, running from June 1 - Aug. 2. Perfect timing for Baby Wells's anticipated arrival of Aug. 28!

But for the most important question - what to do with the name of blog. Cornstalks to Palm Trees signified our move from Indiana to the Caribbean. So now....?? Cornstalks to Palm Trees to....Cornstalks? I'm open to your suggestions. It obviously needs some work.

Matt takes his last mini of semester four on March 24. Then he has his final and a clinical exam to finish off the semester. This semester has certainly flown by.

We've seen some pretty incredible rainbows and sunsets in the past few weeks. A good reminder to soak up the sunshine and Caribbean Sea view while we can.

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