September 17, 2014


The details make up the big picture. The details make the joy. Life is in the details. There are so many details to remember. We don't want to forget a thing.

Here are our details. The little things that make our son so special. So many things to cherish.

Dear Noah,

I love your Miller cheeks. They are the perfect spot for momma to plant all of her kisses. I'm sure you'll get tired of these kisses eventually. But that won't matter. You'll be getting them for years and years to come.

You have your daddy's hairline. As much as it pains him, he's proud of it. So proud of you.

I never imagined that not being pregnant with you would be so hard because it means I have to share you. For nine months, you were all mine. I had you all to myself. We shared secret conversations, tiny movements, hiccups and more. But, seeing the joy you bring to all of our friends and family is so special, and I wouldn't want it any other way.

You gulp your food. I don't know if it's because you haven't quite learned to trust us yet, but you gulp in a panicked measure when we first give you milk. After a few large gulps, you slow down, and enjoy your meal.

Speaking of eating, you are a loud eater. You groan through your entire feast. It's adorable.

When I first met you - when they first placed you on my chest - it was the single most overwhelming moment of my life. I felt like I already knew you. You were a part of me. There are no words to justify this experience.

Your cousin Landon adores you. When he first came to meet you in the hospital, it was the sweetest thing. He had a shy grin about him and couldn't wait to hold you. He even wore a "Big Cousin" shirt. He brought you a toy car that he picked out himself. He talks about how he can't wait to teach you how to play cars and all about dinosaurs. I love watching you both interact. When he left the hospital, he told your Aunt Sheila that he wasn't sure if he was going to like you, but now that he met you, he loves you. And, you are so cute.

You also look so much like Landon when he was born. I hope you are just as sweet as he is.

Daddy and I love your big blue eyes. You're so curious already.

Your head is covered in long, dark hair. I never had heartburn (more than normal, anyway). So much for that wive's tail.

The hair isn't limited to your head. You have long dark hair on you ears as well. Yes, your ears.

When you sleep, you moan. Daddy says I do this, too. I'm not sure about that.

You love to sleep on your side. Even if we put you on your back, you somehow end up on your side one way or another.

You're much more comfortable if you have your legs tucked up under you. I'm sure those nine months in the womb in that position are to thank for this. But you hate having your legs stretched out.

You are gassy. You attended your first wedding, and during the vows, you let out the most obnoxiously loud fart. I'm sure this will become quite less adorable in the coming years, but for now it was the funniest, cutest thing. Daddy assured you to not be embarrassed because, "It happens to the best of us."

Bath time is the worst. I'm sure this will change when you start playing with toys. But for now, you scream. Which leads to tears for momma, too.

You sleep best as a burrito. You love to be swaddled.

You have a sweet little birthmark on your forehead. It's faded a bit already, so I'm not sure if it will last or not.

We had to stay in the hospital a couple extra days because you were running a fever. This meant some blood work had to be done. They brought you back in after being poked and prodded, and understandably so, you were crying. The nurses handed you to me, and the nurse remarked how your cry changed when I took you. She told me that I am your home. You knew me. And this is why your cry changed. I melted all over again.

The first time Daddy and I were asked if we had any children was wonderful getting to say, yes. We have a son. We also had to sign paperwork on your behalf as a parent for the first time. These are the epitome of little joys we are experiencing.

You have the longest fingers and toes. Maybe this is an inclination of getting your Daddy's height.

Those long fingers come in handy as you love to suck on them.

You love to snuggle. I figured you would, as you kept yourself snuggled up in my ribs the majority of the pregnancy. But now, the closer you can get to us the better. I take full advantage of this and snuggle you all while I can because before I know it, you'll be over six foot tall and towering over me.

Having you has made me feel so much closer to your Daddy. I never realized I could feel this tied to him. No matter how long we've been together already, you have bonded us closer than ever.

Your Daddy is a natural. He looks as though he's held you for years. You love it when he bounces you up and down and calm down right away.

You're a great sleeper. For the first couple of nights home from the hospital, we even had to wake you to feed you. Now, you tend to wake up just before our four hour alarm to feed you. Thank you for this. Daddy and I are oh so grateful. Grandma Miller on the other hand doesn't quite think this is fair as I was terrible sleeper. Something about not sleeping through the night until I was five.... Oops.

You startle yourself when you sleep. You'll be sleeping so soundly, then all of a sudden, your arms shoot straight up and you shake. Then they go limp again and your back out. 

You are so loved already. You have so many friends and family that adore you to pieces. 

Your pouty face is spot on. You wind up with a quivering bottom lip, then that full blown pout comes out. I'm sure you'll use this to your full advantage in years to come.

After our favorite nurse got to know your dad and his orneriness, she said it was a good thing you were made extra cute. You're going to need to need it once Daddy teaches you all his tricks, she said. (He's reading 'Farts in the Wild' to you and Landon. See what I mean?)

With that in mind, Grandma Miller anticipates your nickname will be No, No Noah.

You love car rides. You are out once we get moving.

Your Daddy is superman. He has been so wonderful taking care of both you and I after the csection. I hope you get his big heart. 

Your evening routine consists of rocking to sleep with Grandpa Miller. I'm not sure who will miss this the most once we move to Florida.

You have the infamous Miller Toe. Your second to last toe curves inward. Great Grandpa Miller, Grandma Miller, Aunt Sheila, Landon and I all have this genetic marvel. 

When you are trying to stay awake, you use your eyebrows to pull your eyes open and keep them open.

You've started projectile spitting up. Not so adorable little one. Especially the smell that accompanies it.

You already have an array of facial expressions. 

You squeak when you cry. You squeak when you eat. You squeak when you sleep. 

I couldn't sleep the first night after you were born. I was terrified something was going to go wrong. But the nurses got you all snuggled up in a warm blanket and you were just fine. But momma still watched you while you and Daddy got some nap time in.

Everything you do, little one, is so special to Daddy and me. We can't wait to see all of the new details you will develop. We couldn't be any more in love with you. We are so blessed to be your Mommy and Daddy.

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