December 13, 2012


I know, I know. I've been slacking on the blog.

I can't promise it will get better any time soon. But I'll try. Just trying to soak up all of our time at home while we still can!

This past week we got to go to Indy for a few days. I got to spend some much needed time in the office and see all of my coworkers! It was the perfect time to go as we got to enjoy the holiday party while we were in town. Always a good time. It's certainly refreshing to be back in a familiar place surrounded by such great people. And as always, just as sad to say goodbye again.

Our time was limited, but we packed in as much as could. Every night we had something going on, and I think the bags under my eyes by the end proved it. For example, Friday night we got back to the hotel around midnight (I have to mention how strange it was to stay in a hotel in Indy, when we've had a home there for eight years.). We were up before 7 a.m. to meet Katie and Kelly for a delicious breakfast at Patachou. We left there to run a quick errand, then met Sheila, Chris and Landon downtown at the Children's Museum. We were there just over an hour then headed back up to the northside to meet Erin, Mom Medjeski and D$ (Dylan's alter ego) at McAlister's. Then it was the three hour drive back up north. Unfortunately, we didn't get to see all of our friends. But maybe a Facetime session is in order.

Landon was excited to have a picture with Buzz and Woody at the Museum. 
So yes, I finally got to go to McAlisters! We even got two gallons of sweet tea to bring back home with us to enjoy before we go. And we got a super sweet travel survival kit from Mom Medjeski! Matt got to enjoy his favorite Indy meal, the Heartstopper  from Chatham Tap, too. So it was a successful trip for him as well! Just exhausting!

But, we got all of the stuff for our Visa packets finished and mailed. That's a huge relief. Now we're just hoping we did everything correctly. Fingers crossed!

Beyond that, we're finishing our Christmas shopping and getting the few last minute things on our Dominica shopping list. And hoping we can then fit all those things in our suitcases since our barrels are officially on a boat to Dominica! Woot!

We had our first snowfall! It didn't stick around too long, but we're hoping we can get another in before we leave. 

I'm still avoiding looking at the calendar. It's surreal to think we'll be leaving for 16 months soon. I know it's a great opportunity and all the positives that come with it, but it is still extremely intimidating. And then there's the whole fear (phobia is a better word) of flying. I firmly believe that if flying wasn't so traumatic for me, I wouldn't be as intimidated as I am.

But on a lighter note, Indiana has been spoiling us with some beautiful skies, so I thought I'd leave you with a taste of the beauty we've been seeing! This is one of the reasons why I love being home.


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