May 21, 2013

Red Rock and Sunset Bay

We are getting settled into semester two! Matt is shoulders deep into studies once again. His block right now is mainly Neuro. It's a long, tough block as his first mini isn't for seven weeks.

This past Monday was a Dominican holiday, so campus was closed. Friday was a research day, so they didn't have class then either. So Matt had a few extra days to study.

This weekend, I have a long weekend for the Memorial Day holiday in the states, so I'm taking advantage and using a couple vacation days. A few of the other wives and I decided to go on a girls vacation to Barbados! How fun is it that we can just decide on a whim to go island hopping to a place like Barbados? Very exciting!

But, to update you on our past few adventures first!

We went with a group of friends to Red Rock. It's on the east side (Atlantic) of the island outside a town called Calibishie. It's fairly near the airport. There's a delicious restaurant called Red Rock Haven which is right on the beach.

We went to the actual Red Rock land first. Your led down a well kept trail by a man who owns all of the land. There's a small fee that goes toward keeping the trail maintained. Once you walk out on the clearing, though, it's stunning.

We took in the beautiful sight and took a fair share of photos.

Red Rock is such a beautiful place. It is a definite must-see attraction!

From there, we got back in our transport and headed to dinner. They have delicious food with such a great ambiance. It's situated in the sand, right on the beach. There is even a fire pit and chairs where you can roast marshmallows for dessert!

Next, Matt and I celebrated our one year anniversary. Sure, we would've loved to be in the states to celebrate with friends and family, eat our year-old cake, and celebrate with our grandparents as we share the special day now. Instead, I was treated with breakfast in bed. Matt studied for awhile, and then we cranked on the AC and watched a few movies. That's my idea of a great Dominican date night!

The next outing was for our dear friend Tabby's birthday! We went to Sunset Bay Resort for a delicious dinner to celebrate. The weather was perfect. There was a great breeze, and the humidity broke a bit. It's definitely been warmer and more humid in the past few weeks, so it was a welcome change. The sunset was gorgeous and served as the perfect backdrop for some beautiful pictures!

Such cute photos!

Now, we just need to get through the next few days until the adventure continues!


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  1. M&M's Kuch Kuch weekend! Wow that place looks beautiful.


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