May 8, 2013

Settling In

We are getting settled in here into our new apartment, and absolutely love it. I'll be sitting here, and just think, gosh I love this apartment. I'm so happy we moved here. I even forget I'm in Dominica!

The new place is called Fletchers Luxury Apartments. It's a little further walk than Comfort Zone. It's still in Picard, but it is off Banana Trail. It's about 7-10 minutes walk from campus.

The apartment is so spacious and open. It is literally nicer than any apartment we've lived in at home. It would be considered small in comparison to places at home, but it is large for Dominica. The ceilings are high, and they are painted, so it doesn't feel like you're living in a dorm room.

Since I'm so enamored with our new place, I wanted to share what exactly is so special about it. I thought this would give you a glimpse of the type of things which are considered valuable here.

Hot water. Scolding hot water to be exact. The kind that turns your skin red. And to go with it - water pressure.

Beauty Rest Mattress. Queen sized! I have never slept better. Our bed is incredibly comfortable.

Big fridge. It's almost as big as a traditional American fridge!

Nice countertops! It isn't the stone countertops with grouting that you can never get clean.

Large bathroom. It's a standard American bathroom. There's no need to shimmy in and shimmy out.

Desk chair! Yes. You read that correctly. We have an actual desk and desk chair.

New! The apartment overall is fairly new. So it's not run down or dirty. They do a great job of pest control, too.

Secure. They have video monitors, security guard, bars and electronic gates.

Two big balconies. One out front off the bedroom, and one in the back. The one in the back opens to two French doors. Both balconies have screen doors. How wonderful is that?!

A great breeze. The building itself its built on a stilt style platform, so we are fairly high. Which means we have a fabulous breeze that keeps us cool.

American stove. No need to light a match and turn on propane to start the oven; this is all automatic!

Closet! There's a huge closet that they have in the bedroom. It definitely helps with storage.

Two huge TVs. Not that Matt gets to watch TV much, but I can. Dad, you will be impressed.

Two air conditioners! There is an AC unit in the kitchen/living area and in the bedroom. They're the kind that can oscillate the direction they blow and everything. They didn't hold back a dime when they built this.

Storage spaces. Along with the closet, we also have a couple of shelving units, filing cabinet and a large bookshelf. That is like gold here.

New appliances. They gave us a new set of pots and pans! It also came fully furnished with plates, bowls, silverware, etc.

Space! We can have people over! We've got a leather loveseat and chair, along with a table and chairs, and this lovely desk chair. So there is space for people to sit when they come over beyond our bed. And, there's room for people to spread out, too. Bonus, there's enough room in our living area to put up an air mattress for when you all come to visit!  (And if you don't want to stay here, this adorable B&B is right next door!)

Service! The management and staff here have been nothing short of wonderful. There is a woman on site in the office throughout the week should you need anything. They are extremely responsive to all emails - even on weekends/holidays. The cleaning staff is so warm and friendly. And the security guard is just as nice. Overall, they treat you like family. You can't take that granted anywhere you go.

In general, this place feels so much more like a home. It is on the more expensive side of apartments, but it is worth every penny.

So, here are a few photos. Once I get ambitious enough, I'll try and post a video tour, so you can get the full experience!


Our dining/living area. And yes, that's a glass chandelier. It's on a dimmer, too. No big deal.

Ocean view!
Sunsets here are stunning.
View off our back porch.
The mountain's to the south.
View of Cabrits from the back porch.


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