September 26, 2013

Surprise! Part 2

There were so many wonderful things about my surprise trip home. I don't even know where to begin. I thought it may be easiest to make a list. So bare with me. Here's my top 20.

1. Without question. Quality time with family and friends. Goodness. Just what my heart needed.

2. Carpet. the feeling of soft carpeting between your toes. Didn't think I would have missed that.

3. Having internet access without wifi. Who knew?

4. Hearing my phone ring.

5. The food. Oh America. You have wonderful food. Cinnamon rolls, red meat, ft. dt. coke.

6. So many options at the grocery. I had a minor panic attack the first time I went grocery shopping with my mom. After filling the cart, I started panicking on how we were going to get all the groceries home. You see, in America, you take your car to the grocery. Convenient.

7. Driving. Oh how nice it was to get in my car and go when I wanted to. I only drove on the wrong side of the road once. I guess that's a success.

8. Watching my nephew's soccer game. He is getting too old. Too fast. Future soccer star right here folks.

9. The hilarious things my nephew says. Brace yourself for belly laughs.

      I know my licious, but I'm just not hungry. (He always says, 
      this is delicious. And I know my licious.)
      Singing at the top of his lungs while going #2.
      Mimi. We need to have a conversation.
      Seriously, Mimi. I'm serious.
      Well, you're just going to have to be brave. (When telling me 
      I need to get a video of a snake. Child please!)
      But I'm a good guy.
      (In a super whiny voice.) Mommy, can we get a pumpkin
      and make me a pumpkin pie??
      Look at how cute you are.
      Does Uncle Matt's doctor school teach him how to give stickers?
      I'm not cute. I'm cool.
      When I grow up, I want to be a fighterfire and a doctor like Uncle
      Matt. Then I can help him with his doctor stuff and make
      people feel better.

That face says it all.
10. Starbucks. Fall drinks came out the week I got home. Coincidence? Maybe. But those Salted Caramel Hot Chocolates were fantastic.

11. Target. Oh sweet Target. I may have gone a little overboard here. Just a little.

12. Washing my clothes not in the sink. 

13. I even got flowers delivered to the office the week I was in Indy. What a sweet husband!

14. Not being afraid that every small thing you see moving out of the corner of my eye was some sort of giant bug getting ready to attack me.

15. Let's not forget air conditioning. Glorious air conditioning.

16. The wonderful fall weather Indiana was starting to get. I got to wear a coat! I loved every shiver.

17. Seeing my dear friends Erin, Lynne and Katie. 

18. Being in the office with my wonderful co-workers. We really are a smart bunch. It's always refreshing to go in and reconnect with everyone. 

19. And another one about my nephew because he's clearly the cutest kid in the world. He showed me how he can ride bike without training wheels. And introduced me to his cat Jill. Who should technically be a Jack. But that's ok.

20. And of course, seeing my sweet, sweet Emmy. But that's for another post....

It was just so good to be home. My mom actually broke her arm the week before I came, so it was good to be there to help her around the house and such. I'll spare you the awful picture of her blackened arm. And I say blackened, because bruised isn't the right descriptor. 

Funny side note. Mom fell when she was moving Landon's bike in the garage. The handlebars were loose, and it slipped out from under her and she fell. Landon was the one there with her. But if you ask Landon what happened, he'll tell you that Grandma was actually doing wheelies on the bike and that's how she broke it. Love that kid.

There were many meals shared, laughs, shopping trips and more that made this trip so wonderful. To be home again made me feel so much more refreshed heading back to Dominica. Plus, we only have 2.5 months till we head back for Christmas break. Then we are lucky enough to have an entire month at home. The both of us.

Of course, being apart from Matt was the downside. But thank goodness for technology, we kept in very close touch. And, he still had clean clothes and food in the house when I got back! I call that a success. Since it was the beginning of the semester, he didn't have any tests or a major events while I was away. It couldn't have worked out better.

And, to be fair, there were things I missed about Dominica while I was home. Dominica has taught us to live a simple life, to find joy in our surroundings, and to slow down a bit. With that being said, I did get many awkward glances when I would try to start up a conversation with those around me, and greet people before I ordered lunch or something along those lines. I also was getting frustrated by the fact that everywhere you go, people are on their phones, focusing on the phone more than who or what is around physically instead of virtually. I know I was the same way before we came, but it was a good reminder that technology has its place.

I flew back to Dominica on Sept. 21. Five airports later, I arrived only about 30 minute late. It was a Liat miracle. 

And now, here I am back again and into our routine. It's so good to be back with my husband, but being home that made me long for the time when we can be near our family and friends once again. We're now at our half way mark in Dominica. So we are just going to focus on enjoying our time here as it will come to an end so very quickly.

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