October 6, 2013

Fall Fever

Well we are getting settled back into our routine again here in Dominica. Matt has his first mini of semester three Monday morning. So I've seen my husband very little these past few days. Oh how great it will be to have some normalcy again in say.... five to 10 years.

But our normal for now is Matt studying constantly. I'm busy working. And the time in between, well, that varies. I've been enjoying shopping trips to Roseau, and I've been on a baking spree. Matt just doesn't have any time in between.

I'm not usually in the mood to bake, so when I am, I need to take advantage because it doesn't last long. It could also just be the 'fall' fever, too. I've been craving anything pumpkin lately. And I don't even like pumpkin.

I've made two batches of pumpkin cookies in the past two weeks. Last fall, I made no pumpkin cookies. So see, there's a significant increase.

I've also been oh so thankful I brought back the Starbucks via pumpkin spice latte packets. Delicious. Now we just need some fall weather. 95 degrees and ridiculous humidity? Just doesn't have the same effect.

Shopping in Roseau has definitely been successful for us. We started our Christmas shopping, and are nearly finished with the items we were going to get here. And we've also stocked up on souvenirs for us. 

Handmade floor mats, baskets galore, Dominican plaid fabric for Christmas stockings and handmade leather shoes! 

And these fabulous tank tops I got this stud to model for me.

Speaking of stud, this semester has been more fun for Matt. He's getting to do more 'doctor' stuff as he calls it. He's had a trip to the clinic, and done several patient interviews. So that mean's he has to dress up more often. He put it well when he said he would enjoy dressing up, if it wasn't blazing hot outside. But regardless, he still looks handsome!

Sporting his official name tag Landon made for him.

Even though it's still blazing hot, the weather is definitely cooling off. I use that term loosely. When I was back home, I wondered how the humidity compared to Dominica as I always complained how humid Indiana got. Well, Indiana folks, you have nothing to complain about. It was lovely for me when people were complaining about how humid it was. Enjoy it. 

We have had some beautiful days here with a nice breeze. Except for the one day I decided to make sun tea.

Not ten minutes after I put this out, clouds rolled in and opened up on us. And you may be thinking how great the rain is as it will cool things off. False. It turns everything into a steam room. The sun tea was still good, though. 

I suppose that's about it. Nothing too exciting to update you on - just cute pictures of my husband. And here's a sunset. That seems like a good ending.

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