October 31, 2013

Weekend Adventures

Happy Halloween from Dominica!

Halloween isn't a holiday that is traditionally celebrated by local Dominicans, as this is their time to celebrate their Independence. But most importantly, the local grocery does have a candy section to cater to the Ross community.

Matt and I aren't very festive this year. He's got Mini 2 coming up next week, so exhausted medical student is Matt's costume. I'm going for sweaty islander. I think we nailed it.

But anyway...

Weekends have become adventure days for me while in Dominica. Monday through Friday, I'm tied up in the apartment, so I relish the opportunity to get out and see the lovely sights. So typically, we will pick out a few places we want to go, and hire our favorite driver for the day. It's not typical for students to have their own vehicle, so we've grown accustomed to hiring a driver or utilizing Ross shuttles when necessary.

A couple weeks ago, Tabby and I ventured to Screw Spa - a natural sulfur spa, Cocoa Cottages and Roseau to do some shopping.

After relaxing in the sulfur spa pools, they treat you to complimentary fruit!

The market in Roseau.
Save A Lot is typically overflowing with people, but has quite a bit more selection than the grocery in Picard.
Delicious chocolate we got from Cocoa Cottages.
This past weekend, we went to Roseau for some shopping, Emerald Pool, drove through the Carib Reserve and finished off with lunch at Pagua Bay - my favorite on the island.

The market was full of vendors as Dominica celebrated their Independence with the Creole Festival in Roseau. So therefore, several ferries of visitors from Guadeloupe and Martinique came in for the event.

Our fearless leader in his bus waiting for us to finish up in Roseau.
We stocked up on some more - yes more - baskets. And I finally got my lovely handmade shoes!

On the drive out of Roseau.
From there, we went to Emerald Pool. It's about a 15 minute trek through the rainforest to an opening where the pool and waterfall are. It's a well-maintained path with easy steps to walk down. The water in the pool is frigid, but feels oh so nice!

As you can see, the pool is appropriately named, as it gives off an emerald hue in the sunlight.

It was such a quiet, serene place and quickly became one of my favorite sites! 

The walk out from the pool was gorgeous, as the route took you past some awesome views.

It was a hazy day, but you can see the Atlantic Ocean on the horizon.

From there, we drove through the Carib Reserve or the Kalinago Territory. This is an area preserved for the native people or the Kalinago. They make beautiful baskets and various other crafts that are sold throughout Dominica.

After picking up more souvenirs, we continued the drive up the Atlantic side of the island. This was a route I had not been before, so I was very thankful for new Dominican scenery.

We ended the trip at Pagua Bay for a delicious lunch. Their tacos are a.maze.ing. Love them. It's by far my favorite meal on the island. Plus, you have an incredible view of the ocean overlooking a pool. Does it get any better?

This trip took us all the way around the island. So needless to say we were exhausted by the time we got back. And I literally mean exhausted. I forced myself to stay awake until 7:30 p.m. And forced myself out of bed at 10 a.m. the next morning. I think it's a combination of the heat, traveling, etc. that just totally takes it out of you.

This was the last adventure with dear Tabby! She's back to the U.S. next week to finalize the big wedding plans for December. So the next time we'll see her she'll be walking down the aisle. Crazy! But we are so looking forward to being there for the nuptials and to be reunited with our dear island friends.

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