November 5, 2013

By the Numbers

37 days until we are home for Christmas.

27 days that we will be home.

143 more days in Dominica.

I am so ready to go home for Christmas. There comes a time in the semester where you just get this need to go shopping, eat some delicious food, and just be home. This urge came quite a bit earlier this semester, so I've been struggling these past few days.

It doesn't help that I've been prepping for home by buying some new winter clothes for us. I literally don't know where my pants are at home. I know where the sweaters are - the back corner, bottom box of storage. So, you can bet we won't be digging for those. Instead, we just ordered a few new basics to enjoy while we're home. Plus, I feel a little deprived of not getting to go winter boot shopping and get a warm, fuzzy sweater.

I can't wait to be cold. I want to shiver. I want to get rid of these mysterious hives that grace my body when I'm here. I want to have the familiar smell of home. I want to bake Christmas goodies in an oven that likes baking as much as I do. I am so excited to spoil Landon and love on him.

I want to sleep in and not worry about the cost of keeping my AC on to do so. I want to see snow on the trees. Enjoy book-free time with my husband. I can't wait to go into the office again and see my co-workers. I want to share laughs with all of my friends - in person. And I absolutely cannot wait to meet this beautiful little bundle, Dorothy, who was recently welcomed into the Cotten household.

Oh, and I also really want a Starbucks peppermint mocha.

And then, it's back to Dom for our final semester at Ross on the rock. Considering all goes as planned, we will be done with our time here April 25. We can leave the island April 26. Then it's back to the States. Where exactly? That part we don't know, yet.

It's hard to believe this time last year we were wrapping up our time in the Bahamas. Dominica was the scary unknown, but now it's a place that we will hold dearly in our hearts.

But, nothing will compare to being at home for holidays, sitting in the light of the Christmas tree with family and enjoying the peace of the holiday season.

For now, we have our Charlie Brown Christmas tree that will have to suffice. We'll have plenty of those photos to come.

Until then, it's the holiday season Dominican style.

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