January 8, 2014

Christmas Break

Yes, believe it or not, I am still blogging. It's been a pitiful month of no posts, but I'm still here. I do have a pretty good excuse. I was home. In America. With family and friends. Blogging became my last priority. You can't blame a girl.

So instead of following up on the million things we've done in past month, I'll share a few highlights. Tomorrow morning, it's back to Dom.

Tons of family time
Perhaps the best part of being home. Family time. Woo. We made it back in time to get snowed in. Sheila and Landon came over and we hunkered down for snowstorm 1 of 15 while we were home. Playing games, relaxing and catching up. The perfect first weekend home. And then of course there were Christmas's galore. So blessed to be able to be home for the holidays.

Office Time
I headed back to the Indy office for a few days. It's always so wonderful seeing everyone again and so refreshing to back. Unfortunately, time is never long enough.

Catching Up with Indy Friends
In our short time in Indy, we still had some time to catch up with our dear friends we haven't seen in so long. Special thanks to all who were able to make it out. There's something so centering about being surrounded by the people who know you best. Matt and I both needed it.

Pomeroy/Dempsey Wedding
Matt and I traveled 2,000 miles to come home to keep traveling across the states. But what better reason to travel than to see our dear friends tie the knot! Congrats to Bryan and Tabby! It was so wonderful to be there and be a part of your day. And it was so wonderful to be reuinted with our island family. It's just good for your soul to be with 'your people' again. Plus, it was just fun to be together in America!

Yes. We got snow. And cold weather. It was fantastic. The snow was so debilitating that I wasn't able to go to Target for the first three weeks we were home. Yes, I'm just as shocked as you are. But we loved every minute of it. Even when it got to -40 degrees. There's something about not sweating that is just awesome.

So in recap, our trip home was nothing short of amazing. It was just what we wanted it to be. Now, we have a flight to San Juan then an overnight there. We should be in Dominica on Friday. It's funny to think that last year at this time we had just arrived in Dom. Now, a year later, we are heading back to the island for our last trip. It doesn't seem possible that it has gone this fast!

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