January 21, 2014

Matt's Favorite Things

Now that we are in our fourth semester here, we finally have down this whole island-living thing. Well, for the most part anyway.

Since the last few posts seem to be focusing on my experience, I thought I'd share with you a few of Matt's favorite things. And because Matt's experience here is much different than mine, it is all school related. Big nerd alert.

This guy uses this thing all the time. He does everything electronically. Books, notes, question banks. And the occasional Netflix.

Noise Cancelling Headphones
I made sure to clarify I wasn't the 'noise' he was needing to cancel. He promised I wasn't.

External Hard Drive
Because being a doctor means billions of books, videos, lectures, notes, etc. And I'm not exaggerating. Plus, with this, he can back up all of his supplies on different platforms in case of the unspeakable.

Power Strip
In case you haven't noticed, electricity here is uber expensive. So when he's on campus, he'll take his power strip and plug in all of his electronics. Handy!

USMLE First Aid Book
This is the only hard copy book he uses on a regular basis.

Good Walking Shoes
Because having sidewalks everywhere would be boring. Mud hill? Check. Dodging cows on the way to class? Check. Sometimes, you just need a reliable pair of shoes to drudge through knee deep water.

Good Pens and #2 Pencils
I told you. Nerd alert.

Waterproof Backpack
We live in a tropical climate. Five minutes ago it was raining. Now, sunshine. Always prepared like a good Boy Scout that he is. (ahem, Eagle Scout)

Evernote Subscription
He uses Evernote and Noteability to annotate his notes. Apparently this is a big deal.

A Wife
Aw! I take back the nerd comments.

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