April 17, 2014

One Week

I can't believe there's just about one week left in Dominica. If I'm being completely honest, the last few weeks have seemed to drag on and on because we are so ready to go home. But I know there will be much of Dominica I'll miss once we're gone.

It's impossible to begin to put together our most memorable moments here. We've seen and done the most incredible things - things I couldn't even imagine doing before we arrived. We've reached beyond our comfort zones and learned to live in a different culture and a different lifestyle that challenged us on so many different levels.

We've seen things that will likely be once in a lifetime experiences such as whale watching, sea turtles hatching, dolphins and sights like Scott's Head where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean.

We've gotten to go on incredible vacations on a whim - visiting St. Martin, and I got to go to Barbados. We've seen beautiful islands such as Antigua and Puerto Rico while flying through.

We've seen some of the most amazing sunsets and rainbows I'll be sure to ever see.


I can't even begin to talk about how blessed we are with the incredible friends we've made. I just know that our experience wouldn't have been half of what it was without these people in them. They will certainly last a lifetime.

We've learned so much beyond what we could have imagined from our time here. We are different people than when we arrived. A piece of our hearts will always belong to Dominica. 

As anxious as we were coming to Dominica, we are faced with some anxieties with moving back. We're going back to start a new chapter, a new pace, and different customs that will take some acclimating. We'll hold with us things that we inherited from our time here, and have to adjust back to our American lifestyle. 

There are things I hope we keep, like holding a genuine conversation with those around us, not being addicted to our phones when we're with friends, taking time to enjoy our time together, finding joy in the beauty that surrounds us, and remembering to slow down, take a deep breath and treasure the day we were given.

But for now, we're enjoying our view, taking in the sunsets, and cherishing the days with the people here while we can. Matt takes his Comp exam on April 25. Then it's off to Puerto Rico on April 26 and Chicago April 27. As always, prayers are always appreciated for Matt's study, safe travels, and for our transition back to America.

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