April 23, 2014

Valley Hem Geh

Valley hem what?

Valley hem geh means 'let's go home' in the Amish language. My dad always said this growing up as he was raised Amish, and it was a one of the few phrases that have stuck which I still know. Besides shany bay, which means nice legs. I don't know how I know that one. Pop didn't teach me that for sure.

That aside, it's time for us to go home. We leave on Saturday. Just a few more nights in Dom. Nights serenaded to sleep by crickets and bats and awakening to birds, roosters, cows and goats.

Just a few more days of sweltering humidity, multitudes of Chinese take out options, walking everywhere and a simpler life.

Just a few more days of untouched beauty, the smell of salt in the air, and new experiences every day - including mushrooms that grow in the shower.

This was a whole new experience. Can't say I've heard of this happening, but it's been so windy the past few days, and we keep the window open in our bathroom, so this little guy must have blown in at just the right time. I noticed a small black dot in the morning, and it was this size by afternoon. Hilarious. Nothing a little lysol can't handle. Dominica will never cease to surprise me.

Randomness aside, a few things will always remind me Dominica - the smell of coconuts, rainbows, and weed whackers. Along with Chinese food oddly enough.

We've ended our time here with a fantastic BBQ provided by our landlords - delicious. The staff here at Fletcher's has been nothing short of wonderful. I'm sure our experience here would have been much different if it wasn't for them and this beautiful apartment, which is in my opinion, the best place to live in Picard. They have definitely made us feel like family, and I will miss this place very much for that.

I'm sure it's going to be an emotional next few days. Matt is preparing for his Comp Exam by studying hours on end. He's ready for travel just to provide a break I'm sure. As ready as we are to go home, we've had a big part of our lives here in Dominica. We've changed and grown so much, so it will certainly be an emotional exit.

We still do have our calendars full for when we're back home. I've also started a grocery list. I just couldn't help myself. And yes, it consists of ice cream and ice cream sandwiches. Pregnant much?

I also plan on splurging on fancy shampoo, a fresh hair cut appointment is made and getting a new stock of make up from my favorite Mary Kay lady. Maybe I'll start to feel human again. Matt's request? A desk chair. He'll be spending quality time with that getting ready for Step 1.

We'll also be seeing our OB when we're back just to have another look at Baby Wells and make sure everything is up to par. We did our 20 week ultrasound here, and we know if it's bows or bow ties as they say. That surprise is coming!

We wanted to share this exciting news in person with our families, even though it's been so hard to keep it a secret. Our plan is to wear pink or blue shirts home on the plane to Chicago. Our parents are picking us up, and they are going to wear pink or blue, depending on what they think the baby is. So get ready O'Hare baggage claim; you've got an extra special gender reveal/reunion coming your way.

The important thing to know for now is that Baby Wells is healthy. Everything looked great on the ultrasound, and the kicks I'm feeling are proof he/she is active and well.

The other items on our agenda are Target (duh), seeing the rest of our family, and watching my favorite little guy make his t-ball debut. I'll also be heading to Indy a couple times to visit the office, have a UIndy PR reunion and I'll get to be there for the wedding of a dear, dear friend. So happy for this timing! And Matt, well he'll be getting cozy with that desk chair studying for Step.

We also have plans for a big family lunch at my grandparents. The menu? We asked for steak, mashed potatoes, garden salad, grape salad and rhubarb custard pie. Oh America, you're so delicious.

So I just ask that you keep us in your thoughts and prayers through the weekend. It will be emotionally and physically straining on us both as we finish packing, Matt takes Comp, and we make our journey home.

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