February 16, 2013

Matt's Birthday, Exams, Valentines and More

What a week!

Matt had three exams, a birthday and Valentine's all rolled into one. To say we are exhausted is an understatement. But, we survived.

So let's start from the beginning. We woke up early Monday morning, got ready, ate some breakfast.... Just kidding. I'll spare you the boring details.

Matt's pre exam meal was Taco Pie deliciousness. I'm sure that's his secret of success.

Matt's tests went really well! He was pretty well brain dead by the end of it. But at least it was all at the same time. As you know, his birthday was on Wednesday, too. So after he finished the Mini, we went to the Tomato for some lunch with the Womacks and then came back here for a bit.

Matt isn't huge on sweets, so instead of a birthday cake, I made him a strawberry pretzel salad. (I don't think salad is a fair term, but at least it makes you feel better eating it.) He loved it! And we ran out of propane just as the gelatin started boiling. Success!

I also gave Matt his second birthday present, an external hard drive. It's small and easily transportable so he can take it to class and store all of his books and notes. Plus I found this really neat case for it that protects the hard drive from falls, water, etc.

From there, we went to the beach with the Womacks and the Sorensons. The guys tried to snorkel, but the waves were pretty intense!

The water was a spectacular shade of turquoise that we don't see very often. It is usually more of a rich blue color.

Since the waves were rather rough, they weren't able to snorkel much. So they headed back in. It also started to rain, so we went in and spent the rest of the afternoon at home.

That's when I got to give Matt is last gift! I got help from many of you to for this one. I wanted to celebrate his birthday with all of you, so many of you submitted videos wishing him a happy birthday! Here's the end result (with some of them censored out.. Kean).

Pretty cool! Thanks to all of you for helping with this! It is so great to see everyone's faces and creativity. We love them and keep watching them over and over!

We ended the night with dinner at the Usual Spot. Which has quickly become one of my favorites! 

For Valentine's Day, we went to De Champ Hotel and Restaurant for the night! We had an awesome three course dinner and stayed in one of their rooms for the evening. And yes, I think we were most excited about turning the AC on full blast, and charging our electronics. Welcome to married life, right?

The food was delicious! We each had a filet mignon. It was the first I've eaten red meat in awhile - not to mention a steak. And of course we had the incredible view that De Champ provides being at the top of the hill.

Breakfast the next morning was served on a patio overlooking the Picard area. Of course, it rained, so we got to see this gorgeous rainbow! 

We made it a quick breakfast as I headed back work, and Matt had lecture. It was an abbreviated celebration med school style, but it was still so nice to spend Valentine's Day with my husband!

So now, we are taking it easy this weekend. Matt's back at studying. And I'm back to doing laundry in the sink. 

But I thought I would leave you with this video and images from the waves one evening. They aren't normally this intense, but it was just awesome to watch the power and force behind them.


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