February 25, 2013

Playing Doctor

Matt got to play a real doctor today!

He had his first simulation. Simulation is a time where the students experience real life scenarios. They work with a variety of different simulation mannequins who are to represent potential patients and situations they will be faced with. The goals of Simulation Labs are to prepare the students for real time pace and real experiences. They will learn to think on their feet, deal with ethical situations, learn various procedures and most importantly, apply the knowledge they are learning in lectures.

Simulation is great way for first semesters especially to get their feet wet right away and have a great hands on approach  to learning.

Plus, you get to wear the famous blue scrubs and stethoscope.

He makes those look good.

In the first semester, they will only have two simulation labs. As he gets further along in his medical career, he will have them more often.

Matt loved it. It's a great learning tool for him as he is able to make mistakes, and learn from them, without extreme consequences. It's also helpful to learn how to handle yourself and learn your role as a physician.

In other exciting news, we have signed a new lease for second semester! We will be moving into Fletcher Luxury Apartments after we get back from the states.

Fletcher is quite a bit bigger than where we are now. Currently, we are in 390 sq. ft., while Fletcher is about 800 sq. ft. Although we love our cozy apartment, it will be nice to have a little more space to spread out. A friend of mine told me, that if you can stay married in your first year while living in a 390 sq. ft. apartment in a third world country, you'll be set for life. 

Comfort Zone is a great place to live, especially in the first semester. It's close proximity to campus, wonderful landlord and amenities stand out among some of the other living options. I would certainly recommend it!

Fletcher is a bit further from campus as it is off of Banana Trail. It's a new building, with two gorgeous balconies per apartment with an ocean view, queen size bed, American appliances (yes, a stove I don't have to light a match and pray for the best to cook), a real desk and a desk chair, and two giant TVs among other things. A big upgrade will be the bathroom. There's place to move around in there so you don't' have to shimmy in and out to use the restroom.

We will have to be out of Comfort Zone when we fly out on April 16. We can store our barrels of stuff with Fletcher, who then will move them into the apartment for us when it's available. In order to move those barrels, we will like arrange that with Alexis Taxi, so we don't have to carry those around!

The rest of our stuff will be stored with help from our friends. With the last couple of weeks being stressful for Matt with Mini 3 and his final, and then packing for our trip home and moving, it is going to be a whirlwind. Sounds like fun, huh?

And finally, for those of you back home experiencing this awesome winter weather, know you're always welcome to visit. We'd love to have you! And it's supposed to be 85 deg. tomorrow.


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