February 10, 2013

Sunday Update

Whew! It's Sunday evening and I'm exhausted from, well, being in the sun all weekend. I know, I know, poor me. But the sun does take it out of you.

Saturday I went to Sunset Bay resort to the beach with the Spouse Organization. Again, it was great to get out of Portsmouth and share the day with the other spouses and families here.

Plus, it was nice to see a different beach. The water there was really clear, but still was black sand. So much different than the white sand beaches of Freeport.

Today, I enjoyed the pool on campus. I took a nice quiet afternoon to read and soak up the sun. Matt on the other hand, didn't get much beach time. Actually none at all. As he has his first lab practical, a histology practical than part two of Mini One this week. So you can bet he didn't get any sun in this weekend.

Like I said, his first lab practical is Tuesday. It's 50 stations of structures pinned on a cadaver. Each cadaver is a different station. You have 50 seconds at each station, and it is all fill in the blank as to where the pin is located. They had a 'mockital' on Saturday to practice and to make sure everyone was clear of what the process will be.

He also has a histology practical Tuesday morning. He will be shown a slide of a tissue and they have to name the part or type of tissue that's being displayed. This will be 50 questions, and they have roughly an hour or so to complete.

Wednesday is Mini one part two. This mini will consist of carbohydrate metabolism, chromosomal abnormalities, muscles of the upper limb, embryology and more. It will be roughly 92 questions with two hours to complete.

But more importantly on Wednesday, is Matt's birthday! I took the day off, and so after his test, we are going to go snorkeling with a group. Well, they are going to go snorkeling while I enjoy staying dry. Something about searching for creatures that I try to avoid just doesn't sound appealing to me.

We've also got some exciting Valentine's Day plans to end out the week!

Since it's been so long since I've updated you all, I thought I'd fill you in by way of pictures.

Our barrel came! And yes, that's three jars of nutella, lots of peanut butter and lots of coffee. And that's just a glimpse of our goodies!

We saw this! The most stunning double rainbow I've ever seen!

I tried my hand at Mango Salsa with my new food processor that came in the barrel. I also made up some cinnamon and sugar chips to go with it. Delicious! We are already on our second batch.

We celebrated Jon's birthday at De Champ, a hotel/restaurant. They also have a private deck you can rent that comes complete with hammocks, sofas, lounge chairs and a hot tub.

De Champ is located near the top of Banana Trail, so they have a great view. And they have a truck that will come and pick you up, so you don't have to walk up the hill!

 These sunsets don't disappoint!

I've been having some major internet trouble at home, so I've had to get creative with my internet options since I wasn't able to connect on campus. This is down at the beach by our apartment where I can connect to the hotel's wifi. Awesome view!

And of course, Landon! One day he randomly asked us if we had mango trees. (What four year old knows about mango trees?!) Anyway, oddly enough, we do have mango trees. He asked to see them, so we took some pictures and sent them to him. Unfortunately, he got rather upset because he wanted one for himself. So thanks to Mommy, here is he eating a mango from Aunt Mimi and Uncle Matt! It might have been a mango from the grocery store in Indiana, but that's ok. It's the thought that counts!

Beyond that, we thinking about our plans for next semester's living arrangements and beginning to think about our trip home. It's coming so quickly. It's crazy to think that this duration of semester one is about the same as our entire time in Freeport. Time here is going by much more quickly!


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