March 11, 2013

Rosalie Bay

Where do I begin...

We had the most wonderful weekend, and then Monday brought it to a screeching halt  Oh Monday, you have a way of doing that.

Matt had his Mini on Friday morning, so that meant an entire weekend of no studying! Of course, we wanted to take advantage of the time while we had it, so we decided to use this weekend as an early anniversary celebration as he won't have this time off in May.

We decided to book a couple of nights at Rosalie Bay Resort here in Dominica. We've heard wonderful things about Rosalie Bay, and wanted to try it out.

And we were so glad we did!

Rosalie Bay is over an hour's drive from Picard as it is on the southeast side of the island on the Atlantic Ocean.  The hotel arranged to pick us up at 12:30 p.m. on Friday, and we started the trek to Rosalie. Matt had yet to leave the Portsmouth/Picard area, so he was happy to see the sights. It's a winding trek through the mountains, but it sure is breathtaking.

We arrived at Rosalie Bay and were greeted with a warm staff, a fresh drink and a cool cloth to freshen up. They led us to our room, and much to our surprise, they upgraded it for us! Being on a meager budget, we had reserved the Gardenview Room, but they put us in a Junior Suite. And this room, I tell you, was fabulous.

It had a quaint deck area, and then opened to beautiful french doors. The smell inside was enough to instantly make you relax. And the size? It was literally 2.5 times the size of our apartment. But instead of trying to explain it to you, here are some pictures that will do so much better than I can.

Gorgeous! Everything from the extremely comfortable bed, lush bedding, living area, plush robes, amazing bathroom to personalized greetings was incredible. And yes, that shower had scolding hot water. And it was wonderful.

Also, the windows are all tinted, so even if you have the curtains open to let the sunlight in, you still have your privacy. Fun little touch!

When you say resort, it isn't anything like a Sandals type resort. It is very quaint as most of the activities are the free yoga classes, spa services, or excursions into Dominica. We opted for the relaxing weekend and visited the spa. It was right on the Atlantic and had open air rooms, so it was incredibly relaxing.

The grounds were also gorgeous.

You'll notice the wind turbine in some of the photos as Rosalie Bay is an eco-resort.

Rosalie Bay also features a delicious restaurant. We had some wonderful food, which completed our getaway.

When we weren't in our room enjoying the big comfortable bed and watching trashy TV while blasting the AC, we were at the pool.

But look at that. Can you blame us?

The bottom of the pool is made of black onyx which helps to heat the pool naturally. It's also a saltwater pool instead of chlorinated. And they have those blue floaty mats. So we definitely didn't leave there much.

As I said, the resort is right on the Atlantic Ocean. But since the ocean is so unpredictable, there is no swimming allowed. And as you can see in the photos, the waves were really choppy.

The resort also serves as a turtle sanctuary. Last year during turtle season (March-August) nearly 165 turtles came on to the shores of Rosalie Bay. They will take you on tours in the evening hours to look for them as peak turtle time is from 9 p.m. - 5 a.m. Since we came at the beginning of the season, we weren't too confident we would see any, so we opted out of that and decided to do that next time. But this is the beach where all of the turtles can be found.

The resort got us a driver to take us back to Picard on Sunday. I couldn't avoid the carsickness this time around, so I was feeling pretty green by the time we got home. So what better to do than take a three hour nap.

So, all in all we had a wonderful weekend of sleep, hot showers, air conditioning, sunshine and time together. It was exactly what we both needed to energize and get ready for the end of the semester. Worth every penny.

And then there came Monday with a bang. So it's back to reality. Matt's back to studying nonstop, and I'm back to work. Just a few more weeks for him to trudge through to get ready for his final, and then we'll be off to Vegas. 

It's unbelievable at how quickly this semester is flying by.


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