March 24, 2013

My First Dominican Adventure

Things have been so busy here with work and Matt studying, all the while adjusting to Domininca, that I haven't been out on any trips to explore the island. Besides going to Rosalie Bay, but I don't really count that, as we didn't leave the resort once we got there.

So Saturday, myself and several other women here that I've gotten to know went out to celebrate Leah's last full weekend here on the island. We went to Freshwater Lake, Screw's Spa and then lunch at a French Bakery in Roseau.

The Freshwater Lake was incredible. It's near the top of one of the mountains in the Morne Diablotin National Park. (This park is home to the largest mountain in Dominica, Morne Diaboltin.) On the way there, we passed the highest road point in Dominica.

The weather got progressively cooler the higher we got. When we finally got to Freshwater Lake, we all had goosebumps. I treasured every chill!

The lake was stunning! We were high enough that the clouds rolled in and out.

It was very peaceful up there. And it looks nothing like the other parts of Dominica I've seen. It's so surprising all of the different scenes Dominica has to offer.

Some of the girls were brave enough to get in the lake. I chickened out because it got rather cold.

On our way down the mountain, our fabulous driver stopped a few times to let us get some great pictures of our beautiful home. We don't have scenery like this in Indiana!

After the cold, we took a trip back down the mountain to Screw's Spa. It's a natural sulfur spa that has several different temperatures of pools ranging from cold to very hot. You make your way back and forth between each pool, and soak in each temperature. It's incredibly relaxing, and the sulfur makes your skin feel so soft afterward. Plus the scenery itself was stunning.

After relaxing in the spa, we headed the rest of the way down the mountain to this adorable little french bakery where we had some delicious wood fire pizza. 

From there, we did some shopping in Roseau. There were two cruise ships in, so all of the vendors were open. I've certainly got a list ready for when we go back. It was interesting to see prices in U.S. dollars. The vendors all gave you a funny look when we said we had E.C. currency. Typically, their customers are the tourists coming in off the ship.

Roseau is an interesting capitol city. The streets are rather narrow, but there's always a lot of traffic. It's not what you think of when you think of a big capitol city of a country, such as Washington D.C. as there are no street lights, high rise building or things of that sort. 

I'm anxious for the time when I can find my way around the city. Luckily, the girls I was with knew their way around along with the best places to shop. So we stopped for some fruit smoothies and visited this cafe for some souvenirs. 

We then made our way back to Save-A-Lot grocery and picked up some groceries you can't find in Picard. It's the little things that make your day so great.

It was such a great experience exploring some of Dominica's treasures. And it was wonderful to share that experience with such great women! It was a fun-filled day, and I can't wait to experience more of our new home.


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