April 3, 2013

Dominican Wives Gone Wild

We're on a tropical island and our husbands are studying all the time (even more with exams coming up) so what do you expect would happen?

Dominican wives gone wild.

Dad, you can read this post. It's not what you think.

We've started this wonderful tradition with a group of our friends that is Tuesday night dinner. Each week, we pick a different restaurant and all venture out to enjoy a break in the week and each other's company. Our other halves come if they are able to break away from studying, or it can be a ladies night. Either way, it has quickly turned into my favorite part of the week.

This week, we ate at the Chinese restaurant where we got our fan - Hope's Restaurant. Believe it or not, they have delicious food, too, along with selling fans. We all sat around a couple of picnic tables for dinner, and commented on how blessed we were to be in this place, on this journey together, with a group of friends who are so positive, supportive and quickly turn into a family of sorts.

Hope's Restaurant
After dinner, we strolled to this ice cream shack. It's homemade ice cream right on the island. And it's delicious.

And this is where the wild part comes in. We all got tattoos.

Don't freak out. It's a henna, Dad. It will wash off in a few days.

Sorry for the poor quality and crazy eyes. It was dark!
There is a sweet family who offers haircuts, tattoos (real) and henna tattoos. That's their baby with Allison!

So yes, Dominican wives gone wild is a friendly dinner filled with laughs, ice cream and henna tattoos. It doesn't get much better than that.


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