April 11, 2013

Semester 1 Down...Almost

Well, we've made it through the first chunk of exams! Matt's survived and isn't completely gray yet, so that's a positive. Although, we did notice the last time I cut his hair, his hairline seemed to be a little more uneven this time around. I told him to think of his 'changing' hairline as a trophy of sorts of his hard work. It works, right?

His tests have all gone very well, so we are incredibly thankful for that. There haven't been any major surprises, and he was fairly satisfied with his study prep. Now we just have the big test coming up on Monday, and we are home free!

I'm definitely ready for our trip home. I've resorted to dreaming about Target and McAlister's. This morning, I woke up with a serious Starbucks craving. I'd say it's time to go home. This is getting a little ridiculous.

Plus, I got the most amazing piece of artwork waiting for me when I get there. The next Monet don't you think?

In case you can't tell, it says "Mimi, I hope you enjoy the sea turtles and the whole city!"
That will be going on our fridge ASAP when we back.

Our barrels are packed. Our flights have been confirmed. And the taxi service is coming tomorrow to move the barrels into storage. Little by little we've been able to cross things off of our list.

A few things I've observed in our last few days here.
  • The internet gets incredibly slow during finals week. I mean incredibly slow. It's enough to drive me mad.
  • I have not been near as homesick this semester as I was in the Bahamas. Woo! 
  • The fourth semesters who are selling their belongings are making out like bandits. That stuff sells like hotcakes.
  • I'm actually looking forward to coming back next semester. I will have missed all of our friends, and we have that exciting apartment to be looking forward to. Plus, we will get all of our goodies we are shipping back in a barrel.
  • I'm going to be in for sensory overload in Vegas. Going from one extreme to another will be interesting. I'm sure my sinus's will freak out, my skin will be chapped from the dry climate, and who knows how we will adapt to real American food again. I won't even get into the massive change of pace we are in for. Considering all that, I am still incredibly excited to be in Vegas and be reunited with my work family. 
  • Matt and I both having our most stressful weeks at the same time is not a good combination. We are usually able to balance each other out, but not this time. So we are both equally ready for this week to be over!
  • Finally, I'm definitely going to miss Dominica while we're gone - our friends, the views, the sun, the pace and the community. But it is a much deserved break. 
I'll be anxious to see how much hotter it has gotten while we are gone. I'm sure the Dominican heat will be in full force when we are back. What better way to welcome us home I suppose.


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