April 7, 2013

Semester One Exam Week

It's hard to believe that semester one is coming to close! Didn't we just get here?

Anyway, with the end of the semester comes a flurry of exams. Here's a bit of breakdown of what Matt will be doing over the next week.

Mini 3
Covers Block 3, the cardio and pulmonary block.
This exam will be roughly 2.5 hours.

Clinical Skills Exam
For this exam, Matt will have to watch a video of a patient/doctor interaction, and he will have to write up a report and answer a few questions.

Wednesday A.M.
Histology Exam
Comprehensive exam of all histology lectures throughout the entire semester.

Wednesday P.M.
Gross Anatomy Practical
This will cover the lower limb and thoracic cavity.

Next Monday
Cumulative Final
Covers all material throughout semester one.

I'm exhausted just putting that together.

In the middle of all that, we are packing and moving all of our things and getting ready to head to Vegas then Indiana. We'll store all of our belongings and then be in our new apartment when we're back in Dominica on May 3.

So for this week, outside of a busy week at work, I will be packing and confirming all of our taxis, moving, storage, etc. Not to mention preparing for a long flight schedule.

In the meantime, say a little prayer for Matt and for the rest of the student community as this week will be a stressful week for everyone here.

Matt did get a great good luck video. What more can you need?


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  1. Precious video. Thanks for sharing your experiences!


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