June 23, 2013

Ft. Shirley Hike

Just north of us in Picard, is Cabrits National Park. This is home to Ft. Shirley. Ft. Shirley overlooks Prince Rupert Bay where Ross campus is located.

I'm sure you've noticed in my pictures, the two mini mountain peaks in many of my beach photos which are on the left in the photo below.

Chelsea and I took a transport (taxi) over to Cabrits and chose the trail that we thought would lead us to a beautiful overlook back over Douglas Bay, which is on the other side. 

The trails are rather well maintained, and surprisingly enough, there were several, several hermit crabs. Not what I expected  

The hike wasn't bad, and was covered by trees the whole time, so you aren't sweltering in the heat. As we started to see the clearing, we got really excited for the view we were about to see. 

As we walked up, we first saw a cannon over the water. Peering out further, it was just water. Nothing but water. Don't get me wrong, the water is gorgeous. But, it was not what we were expecting.

Turns out, we took the wrong trail. Whoops.

So that was about all we got. It was beautiful, and we were glad we did it. But we just didn't have the outcome we expected!

So we made our down, and stopped by the actual fort to take in some of the view there. It was a beautiful day, and we had a terrific view overlooking Prince Rupert Bay.

If you look closely here, the first major grouping of homes is Portsmouth. The second on the right, is Picard!

The bay was riddled with boats and made for perfect photos. We plan on going back, and hopefully we can find the right trail this time!

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