June 9, 2013

Scott's Head and Champagne Reef

This weekend I got to visit my top must see attraction in Dominica!

We took a trip and went to see Scott's Head. Scott's Head is the southern most tip of Dominica. It's past Roseau, so it was just over an hour or so drive. There is a small 'island' that stretches out across a thin strip of land from the main part of Dominica. Once you drive across the strip, you make a short hike up to the tip of Scott's Head. From there, the view is absolutely stunning.

If you take a look at the map, you can see how Scott's Head jets out from the rest of the island.

What makes Scott's Head even more unique, is that it is where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic Ocean. Take a look!

You can see the calm waters of the Caribbean on the left and the rough waters of the Atlantic on the right. Plus, you can see Dominica for miles and miles. Isn't it just the most beautiful site?

We couldn't have asked for a better day to go either. The sun was shining, there were few clouds in the sky, and we had a great breeze. It was such a nice change from the rain of rainy season, and it was a perfect day to be spending so much time outdoors.

Just absolutely breathtaking. 

Funny story! Chelsea and Tabby were up top taking photos, and decided to the take the fun, jumping photo. Now, keep in mind this is at the top of the miniature mountain. So there are places to stand, and then drop-offs. Tabby went first and mid jump, her flip flop goes flying! There was no saving the poor flop, so Tabby toughed it out and spent the rest of the day with one shoe. 

After making the hike back down, we walked to a little cove for some snorkeling and beach time. Again, the beautiful day made the water so clear.

After Scott's Head, we headed toward Champagne Reef. Champagne Reef is known for their snorkeling as bubbles come up from the ground resembling champagne. I'm not a huge fan of snorkeling, so Tabby and I picked a spot on a rock and sat and enjoyed the beautiful scenery while the others snorkeled.

The beach of Champagne Reef is all rocks. So they built a nice wooden boardwalk to the make the walk so much easier!

Can you spot the iguana?
We all changed clothes back up at the restaurant. They had a couple of changing rooms for guests to use. While we were taking turns using the rooms, a brave iguana started prowling toward the group. At first it was pretty neat to see one not scurry off right away. But then they informed us that the iguanas would bite, so don't get too close. About then, the brave iguana took a sharp turn and ran underneath the door of one of the changing rooms! It didn't stay long, as it turned around rather quick and ran through the middle of us all. Poor Angie had the unwanted visitor in the room with her! Only in Dominica.

After a busy morning, we went to Zam Zam's for lunch. It's a small Mexican restaurant right on the waterfront. 

And it was absolutely delicious! We had great company, too, as most of the guys were able to join us this trip. Except for Matt and Bryan, we had a full group!

After Zam Zam's, we went into Roseau for a bit. Unfortunately most of the booths in the market were closed, so we opted for some delicious ice cream. Of course, Cole took the lead in ordering Pizza Hut to go for us all - a rare treat and a must have when you're in Roseau. I took back a pizza for Matt to enjoy, since he was doing school things all day!

After Pizza Hut, we made the trip back to Picard. The day was exhausting, but so much fun. I am definitely planning on taking Matt as he would have loved the experience! And I would love to go back again.

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