June 5, 2013

Weekend in the Sun

It is officially hurricane season here in the Caribbean. With hurricane season comes plenty of rain. Plenty, plenty of rain. And clouds. And some more rain. And with rain, comes brown water.

I'm beginning to realize that the gorgeous weather we had when we first moved in, is not a year-round event. Now, it feels like I'm sitting in a steamer. Trust me, I have the sweat stains to prove it. Gross, I know.

It's been raining so much that all of the land crabs have lost their homes. So now, you have tons of land crabs lining the streets looking for new homes, and the unfortunate ones, you find as roadkill. Apparently, you have to watch out for the bigger ones, because they can even pop a tire if you're not careful!

But, with all the rain, the island is becoming so green and lovely. And, the sunshine is much more appreciated!

I was talking with the woman who cleans our apartment today. I was telling her about the four seasons Indiana is blessed with having, and how fall and winter are my favorite seasons. She looked at me like I was a crazy woman. She said winter? Snow? When I open my freezer and there is ice and frost in there, is that what it is like in the winter? She's never seen snow, and she said she was sure I would laugh at her the first time she saw snow. I responded with telling her to feel free to laugh at me once a hurricane is headed our way, because those are new to me!

Anyway, she informed me that Dominica has two seasons. Dry season and rainy season. Not quite the same definition of a season such as summer, winter, fall, spring like we are used to. So, we are obviously now in rainy season which will last until Nov. 25. Then, it's back to beautiful, dry weather.

But, back to the point of my post I suppose.

This past weekend we did get a glimpse of the sun. And it was glorious. It was the first I was able to relax by the beach since we've been back. (#DominicaProblems or something right? Only if this was Twitter...)

Saturday, the girls and I took a public transport to get to Mero Beach. It is about 35 minutes south of Picard and is the 'touristy' beach on the island.

We got some great sun and were even able to relax on lounge chairs. Big living right there.

After we were done, we waited by the road to catch a public transport back to Picard. We snuggled into a very full bus and made the journey back. Catching a public transport is much more cost effective, as it was only about $12 EC round trip for each of us which is just under $5 US.

Our impromptu bus stop.
Sunday, Matt was able to sleep in, and studied for a few hours, then took the afternoon off! He had his first neuro practical on Friday, so his study time was a bit limited for the weekend.

We took advantage of the time, and the sun and spent the afternoon on the dock at the beach on campus. 

It was the first time in awhile that we were able to go to the beach together. Perfect way to relax and refresh for the coming weeks!

We came home to find out that the neighbors bull had broken off it's leash. It's very common for Dominicans to tie up their livestock and let it roam in the immediate area. However, this lucky one snapped it's leash and was grazing along the trail with the poor leash dragging behind. 

If you look closely, you can see the rope trailed behind him. Only in Dominica my friends.

Don't worry, though. As of today, he was back in place. The word from the woman who cleans, was that this bull in particular is a pet. She said many times people will keep them as pets, and then butcher them when they are too old to keep living. Not quite the same approach to livestock as I'm used to. She agreed that it would be awful to eat your pet when it is time. To each their own, I suppose.

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