July 7, 2013

American Independence Day Dominican Style

Holidays in Dominica are typically a bit harder to celebrate. For starters, Ross doesn't always observe the US holidays like we are used to. The students will typically get breaks on Dominican holidays, but not always American. Independence Day is one of the them.

I feel like I should mention, it seems weird saying Fourth of July here as a holiday, because it's still the fourth here, but not a holiday. That's why I keep using Independence Day. 

So, that being said, Matt still had class. It's the same on Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, etc. But that didn't stop us from celebrating America. Because you don't always have the same amenities here, you typically have to get a little creative in your celebration ideas.

Living in another country has heightened my sense of patriotism and appreciation for being American, so when Independence Day rolled around, it was definitely time to celebrate.

And what's more American than a BBQ and bonfire?

The Websters hosted a perfect American BBQ complete with all things American, including red, white and blue streamers, hamburgers, hot dogs, mac 'n cheese, coca cola, fresh fruit, sweet tea, water balloons and delicious desserts, all while being serenaded by such tunes as, yes, God Bless America and the Star Spangled Banner. Plus, everyone adhered to the red, white and blue dress code.

Chelsea even treated us with red, white and blue drinks!

I did a terrible job of documenting with photos, so I didn't capture the mounds of food we had and perfect decorations that created the wonderful ambiance of an American Independence Day celebration in Dominica.

We were able to relax and enjoy the afternoon with friends. It was a beautiful day with a great breeze, plus there was no rain! The boys played yard golf games which I think made Matt's whole week. 

We ended the night with a bonfire on the beach roasting s'mores and sparklers. It doesn't get much more American. 

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