July 29, 2013

Roseau Shopping Trip

At home, Sunday afternoons were spent roaming the glorious aisles of Target. Maybe stopping by the mall. Or even a Home Goods. Just anything to get out of the house and relax. There wasn't ever really anything in particular we were looking for besides an excuse to explore a bit.

Well, here in Picard, the shopping is a bit limited. James Store is the closet thing to a Target. But I still really wouldn't put them in same category.

Roseau, the capitol, has quite a bit more shopping opportunities. On Saturdays, Ross offers a free shuttle for the hour drive, so you can spend the morning shopping for groceries, doing some sightseeing or more. A couple weeks ago, Chelsea and I decided take advantage and head down to Roseau.

Going to Roseau is always an experience. As the capitol of Dominica, it is more heavily populated than here in Picard. But it's not what most Americans vision a city to be.

The streets are narrow. There aren't street lights or interstates. Nothing of the like. Just crowded roadways with people making their way.

And of course. Roseau is home to the glorious Pizza Hut. Now, back at home, Pizza Hut is definitely not my first choice. But being here, it's a taste of home. And therefore extra delicious.

But, we went to Roseau for more than just Pizza Hut. Even though we did bring a couple of pizza's home to share with the guys for lunch!

We made our way through the little craft stores and souvenir shops. We even found a super cute clothing boutique - air conditioning and all. Fancy!

Then, we found the shoe guy. This guy makes real leather shoes. Custom made. And they are beautiful. He's been in the business for over 20 years.

They are gorgeous! 

He had a selection of shoes hanging on the wall. But unfortunately the ones I wanted weren't in my size. So, he's going to make them for me, and give me a call the next time he is in Picard. I've never had custom made shoes before. And I can't wait to get mine. Besides, what shopping trip is complete without a pair of shoes?! 

After the shoe shop, we made our way to the market. I have been eyeing these beautiful baskets for some time, and was all ready to buy them out. These baskets are the most unique I've seen on the island. They are just gorgeous.

I have my eye on a few more. So you can bet I'll be back there.

So it may not be Target, but it will do. We're wracking up the souvenirs to bring home in just a short nine months!

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