November 8, 2012

Single Digits

We're in single digits now before we get to go home! The pessimist in me is checking the National Hurricane Center every day because I'm sure there will be a hurricane or something to keep us from coming home, even though I know it's extremely unlikely this time of year.

My patience is just running a bit thin. Something that is so close, but we still have to wait a bit. And if you know me at all, patience is not my strong suit. I'm just so excited to see family again, snuggle Emmy and just be home. Plus, we are coming home right around holiday season. What a better welcoming than Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We've had a busy week preparing for Dominica, too. We've secured our housing at a place called Comfort Zone. It's a small one bedroom on the third floor. It comes with a back up generator, back up water, maid service and routine pest control. Fancy! Definitely a priority item that has been great to check off.

Here's a clip of what it will be.

And we booked our flights! We will be leaving December 28 out of O'Hare. We fly into Miami and stay overnight. From there, we leave early morning and arrive in San Juan. Then we head to Dominica and arrive around 2 p.m. on December 29.

We also chipped away some more on our shopping list - battery operated lanterns, fan, mini crock pot, bedding - all checked off.

And the Womack's got a car rented for us to use the last weekend. That way, we aren't having to pay a taxi or rely on a taxi to get everything ready to go. It will be less money and much more convenient! It's no QQ since we needed to get a SUV to fit all of our luggage, but it will do!

The weather here has been absolutely wonderful! We're certainly getting our fall weather fix. And I love not having the AC on. I have been wrapped up in a blanket most of the day. And I wish I would've brought pants.  But don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying every shiver.

Matt had his last class today! Yay! From here on out, they will just be having review sessions to get ready for Mini 3. One week from now he'll be all done!


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