November 11, 2012

Our Favorite Freeport Moments

We have exactly one week left in Freeport! This week will be filled with things like packing, running last minute errands and of course, Matt studing like crazy. While Freeport has had its fair share of ups and downs, it did serve as a tremendous learning and growing experience for us both. It wasn't exactly how either of us had anticipated spending our first few months as newlyweds, but it has prepared Matt and I for the next step in our journey as we are now preparing for Dominica.

Here's a look at some of the things we will remember about our time here in Freeport.

The gorgeous color of the water.
Favorite place on the island - Gold Rock Beach
Survived our first hurricane.
First seafood meal.
Beautiful roses from the husband.
Many weekends were spent here at Taino Beach.
Matt studying nearly every free minute.
Taino Beach Regatta
Learning to dislike cooking a little less.
Visiting the Freeport Inn where my mother stayed in 1975.
Sunday night grilling dinner with the Womack's
The wildfire!
Seeing all new types of wildlife.
And of course the Conch.
Flying on a turbo prop for the first time.
Getting used to new neighbors.
And of course, our famous lobster.
And the lobster hunters.
Crystal clear water
Gorgeous Taino Beach
Love Banana Bay.
Still love Banana Bay.
And some more love for Banana Bay.
First crab!
Gorgeous views
Awesome blue water.
White sand beaches.
And just have to put some more of Gold Rock Beach in here.

And I know this didn't happen in Freeport, but it's by the far the cutest thing I've ever seen. Or you that you will ever see either. And I got it while I was in Freeport. So it counts. My favorite!


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