October 10, 2012

From the Horse's Mouth - Part 2

Well tomorrow is Mini 2. There is the same amount of material as there was on the last exam, but it is the type of material that will be the challenge. On this exam we have pulmonary and circulatory systems in physiology, thoracic and abdominal in anatomy, just about 80% of infectious viruses microbiology and some metabolic pathways in biochemistry.

This exam is historically the most challenging of the three exams we will take. I've been studying pretty hard these past few days and feeling pretty good. Mini 2 will count for 30% of the overall grade. It will last two hours and starts as 8 a.m. I'm definitely ready to get this exam over with.

We have a rental car for Friday and Saturday (since Friday is a holiday here so we get a 3 day weekend!!!) so we will be out and exploring the island.

Thank you all again for all of your constant words of love and support! 5 more weeks!



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