October 5, 2012

Just Another Day in Freeport

Ever wonder what it's like to lose power in Freeport on a hot and humid day, with no means of communication and no one else around? Well let me tell you, it's not fun.

Yes, we had our power shut off. Because we didn't pay our bill. Funny thing is, we never received a bill. Tricky thing here in Freeport, they don't have addresses. As Tyrone said, "Why you need to get mail, 'mon?"

So our electric bill went to our landlord. Who is typically wonderful, but somehow we didn't get the bill. As did no one in Sunset. Eventually we got a bill this week (Tuesday) but it came with an overdue balance from a previous bill. The one we never received. So was that not only a shock, but the other shock was the amount. Unbelievable.

So on Wednesday at about 12:30 p.m., (peak hotness) the power went out. Matt was on campus and I didn't have my Bahama phone. And Sunset is deserted during the day. So I was SOL as my dad would say.

I walked/sweated to campus just to find that the grocery store's wifi wasn't working either. Terrific. So I was really SOL. But alas, I heard Tyrone's taxi drive up. I flagged him down, and he saved the day. He drove me to the power company and helped me figure out what happened. Sure enough, a notice was put out to have our power shut off on Monday. Keep in mind, we got our first bill on Tuesday. And they eventually got around to it on Wednesday.

Side note, when the woman looked at our bill, she asked if we had a commercial building because the amount was so high. That's comforting. Needless to say they're looking into why it was so high.

After getting back to the apartment, we called our landlord who said he would come and turn our power back on for us. Thank goodness. He also said we've had the highest bill he'd seen. Even more comforting.

Just one more experience to add to our list.

We've also been under attack. By sugar ants. In our pantry. Before, the sugar ants were on our counter tops and sneak out when we would have food out. But the last few times they were in our pantry. Leading to us throwing out a bunch of food. Which feels like tossing dollar bills into the garbage - $20 bills mind you.

But mom came to the rescue, and suggested to put bay leaves around the pantry - on the floors, shelves, etc. So we put them out yesterday, and I haven't seen one since. Excuse me while I go knock on wood.

I may have been a little over zealous with the bay leaves, but as long as it gets the trick done, I'm fine with that.

So beyond the excitement of our electricity, we are enjoying Katie and Dan's company this week! They leave tomorrow, but it has just been wonderful having them here!

I also tried a new receipe for southwestern stuffed peppers. Thanks Pinterest! Delicious! 

And tonight it was Chicken Fajita Bake

I've been on a Mexican food kick lately if you can't tell. There aren't any good Mexican restaurants here, so we're having to make due! 

I've also got this sinus infection/cold/headache thing going on. We went to the drug store to find some good meds, but just found that the Mucinex D is $40. So I stuck with the off brand Dayquil. Only in the Bahamas...

Matt's next Mini is quickly coming up! He had his last class this week, as they just have review sessions next week. The test is Thursday. Friday is a holiday here, so no classes for Matt and I have the day off. We will be renting a car with the Womack's to go out and explore parts of the island that we wouldn't normally be able to see! I call Not It on driving though. This driving on the left side (don't say wrong side, or the locals will get on you) throws me off!

6 weeks till we're home!


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