September 29, 2012

Regatta Freeport Style

We finally had a sunny Saturday! The last few weekends have been rainy and gloomy so we haven't been able to enjoy our surroundings. But today, today was a day I was happy to live in the Bahamas.

A regatta was held at Taino Beach today. Gorgeous! Just look at the color of that water!

So Rachel and I enjoyed the show while soaking up the beautiful sun we've missed.

The water was so clear today, we even saw a huge fish just swimming right near the shoreline. I have no idea what it was, but it was large.

And thanks to the iPhone's new panoramic camera, I was able to snap a couple of beautiful photos of Taino!

The guys unfortunately couldn't get away, as they have studied indoors all day. They don't have a quiz this week or next, but they're preparing for Mini 2 coming up on Oct. 11. And yes, that's a Thursday. Oct. 12 is a holiday here, so they don't have class. And I have the day off! A three day weekend with Matt with limited materials to study - yes please!

But we're off! Tyrone will be here shortly to take us to the airport to pick up Katie and Dan. We can not wait for them to get here and share the week with them! It is much needed for both Matt and me.

We do want to thank every one of you for your encouragement, prayers and well-wishes regarding Emmy. It's comforting to know we have such a great support system of friends and family as we take on these next few months. Seven weeks from tomorrow we'll be home, with our Emmy, and soaking up as much Emmy time as we can!


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