September 7, 2012

Mini 1 Down

Matt had his first this morning! His first 'mini' as they call them is officially over!

Matt's study group prepping for their first mini.

To get a better understanding of the MERP program and what Matt's going through, I'll briefly describe what the process is.

They have seven quizzes throughout the 15 week program. These quizzes are on Monday mornings. They're divided by subject area. Each subject area has 10 questions totaling 40 questions.

The students have 60 minutes to complete the quiz. This translates to 1.5 minutes allowed for each question when divided equally.

After the individual quiz, the students get together in the previously assigned groups to take the test again together. So they are taking the same quiz twice.

The results are then posted later that afternoon.

The quizzes amount to 10% of their final grade. So it's not huge, but they can affect you if you're sitting on a bubble.

Then there are the minis. These are the main tests that are the major benefactor in passing MERP.  There are three minis throughout the program. Students have two hours and ten minutes to take each mini and there are 100 questions.

When taking the mini, you can't bring any materials in to the classroom. They are taken through scantron and results are available by the end of the day.

The final mini is scheduled for November 16. It's a four hour test. There are 200 questions. The first 100 are specifically from the final third of the course, and the final 100 questions are a cumulative from the entire course.

They will find out their results from this test and if they passed MERP the following day.

So that's a brief look at what it takes to get through MERP. Now that the first one is over, we're going out for dinner and NOT thinking about the medical functions happening while eating.


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