September 1, 2012

Emmy Update & Another Tropical Storm

I am exhausted. After spending a fun-filled four days in Indy for the staff retreat, I am back in Shipshewana. Oh Shipshe, I never thought I would be so glad to see you.

However my allergies, I'm not glad to see them again. They apparently have missed me, because they are back with avenges.

Indy was great. I am beyond thankful to have gotten to be able to go. It was exactly what I needed. Seeing my coworkers, old friends and more is all I wanted.

Sheila and I came back on late last night. We made it just in time to have dinner to celebrate Grandpa's birthday. Happy birthday, Grandpa!

Then I finally got to be reunited with my Emmy! She was so happy to see me, and believe me, I was beyond excited to see her. Her incisions are looking good for the most part. She's not able to reach the one on her back, but she can get to the one on her neck. I think they've started to heal because she's started to scratch. Which is not good!

We had to get a little creative with this one. A cone of shame wouldn't work, because she can still reach it with her hind leg to scratch. So we got some wrapping tape and covered her in it the best way we could.

Check out the attitude in the second photo. She was not amused by any of this. Especially the picture taking.

If you look closely, you can kind of see the swelling on her left leg. However, most of the swelling is in the back. 

The tape didn't work as well as planned, so we put her sweater on and made a trip to the pet store. The pet store had these little rubber booties that feel like little balloons. I thought I should give those a try, hoping that will help to keep her from scratching.

So far, so good. She hasn't taken the booties off. And she hasn't been able to scratch her incision again. Down side, she is not very happy with me. Don't let the photos fool you. The only reason she looks happy is because I was hiding a treat - Greenie Dog Bones - her fav! Poor pup deserved one.

The story got funny when the poor girl tried to walk in her booties. After she was done glaring at me,  she tried to start walking. But she would bend her leg up all the way and then step back down. Too cute, too funny, and a little pathetic.

Don't worry though - I got it on camera. It got better the more she walked, but you get the idea. Poor girl!

Whatever it takes for her to heal.

Anyway, I just have a few more days left in the U.S. before its back to the Bahamas. I leave for Chicago on Monday, and then fly out Tuesday morning. I should be in Freeport late afternoon.

That's IF Tropical Storm Leslie doesn't ruffle the plans. Yes. Leslie. For those of you who don't know, Leslie is my boss's name, too. Ironic? Maybe that's her way of keeping me in town. (Not that I'm complaining!) :)

I've had enough of this hurricane season. I'll stick with ice storms.

Matt has another quiz on Monday, and has his first big test on Friday. Start sending positive thoughts his way!


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