October 15, 2012

Weekend with a QQ

Matt passed Mini 2!! Now he's just two more quizzes, one clinical case, and one big test left before we head to Dominica!

He's sitting pretty well going into the last portion of the semester here which we are thankful for. However Mini 3 is a long, four hour test that covers everything they've learned for the duration of the time here. No matter how much of a cushion you have going into Mini 3, you still need to study, study, study as it is the most important test.

But enough of that.

Mini 2 was on Thursday because Friday was Discovery Day, a holiday here in the Bahamas. Discovery Day is essentially the same thing as Columbus Day in the U.S. However, all of the natives (called Lucayans) were killed when the island was discovered. There are no native Lucayans anymore. Current Bahamians are ancestors of slaves who were brought over. But regardless, Bahamians love a holiday so the whole country shuts down. And there's your history lesson.

I had Friday off so I could take advantage of Matt's time being study free. We only get a few days out of our time here that he doesn't have to study, and we enjoyed every minute.

We rented a car with the Womack's so we could explore a bit more of the island on our own. It was one of the best ideas we've had! Having a car made us feel so much less trapped here. We could come and go when we wanted, and didn't have to wait on a taxi or pay the crazy taxi fairs. Our car was a Chery QQ. If you've ever seen the movie Just Married, that's what we felt like. We were packed in that car. But it was worth it!

And we only hit one dead end while navigating around the island! Success!

So we started our Friday by taking a trip to the Lucayan National Park to visit Gold Rock Beach. Gold Rock Beach is supposedly the most beautiful place on the island. And it definitely lived up to the hype. It was absolutely stunning. Everyone says to go at low tide. And we were glad we did. The sand bars stretched on and on, the water was perfectly clear and the views were spectacular.

As you can see from the video, we were pretty much the only ones there. Which made it even more beautiful.

And we even saw dolphins! Two! Matt was probably about 15 feet away from the pair, while I was more like 15 yards away, but they were so fun to watch swimming back and forth.

Here's a look at a few of my favorite pictures from the day.

The beautiful spot where we camped for lunch.

Gorgeous right? Pictures don't capture it justly. 

Saturday night we went and tried a new restaurant on the west end of the island. We figured if we had paid a taxi the fair to go to Gold Rock Beach which is 45 minutes east of us, then to go to dinner on the west end, we would have paid more than what we paid for the rental car for the entire weekend. 

Gas here is over $5 a gallon. But it's still cheaper than a taxi.

Saturday, we took full advantage of the QQ and went ........ you guessed it. Grocery shopping! There's something to be said for getting your own groceries and not having to wait on a taxi to pick you up, or walking home with them.

The Sam's Club of the Bahamas - Cost Right. And here's what is looks like to go grocery shopping for two families in a tiny QQ.

We packed the QQ full!

Saturday we took the day to go to Xanadu Beach. Another beach we haven't been before. There was no one at that beach either. But the turquoise shade of the water here was stunning!

Saturday night was another quiet dinner out at the Port. We sadly returned the car Sunday morning. But quickly made plans to rent another car with the Womack's for the last weekend we're here. It will make it so much easier to run the last minute errands, and more affordable to make the trip to the airport. But rest assured, we won't be renting the QQ again, as we will need a little more room for our luggage!

Sunday was Landon's birthday party. He will turn 4 on the 19th. I can't believe he is 4 already. He is growing up entirely too fast! 

Thank goodness for Skype, as Matt and I could join in the opening of presents festivities! We all pitched in and got him a playground for his big gift. He was pretty excited! And he was of course spoiled with a plethora of other presents to unwrap, too.


So now, we are back to the routine. Exciting part of it is though - one month from Thursday we will be flying home! I have to admit, time is going quickly here, but sometimes just not fast enough. Although with weekends like this past weekend, it does make the time more enjoyable.


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  1. Way to go Matt and I am so glad you were able to get out and enjoy the beauty of the island. A well deserved lift for your spirits.


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