October 29, 2012

My Dominica Christmas List

This Christmas will be a little different due to the fact we are getting ready to move to Dominica. With that in mind, I've made my Christmas list which is not the typical goodies that are normally on my list.

This list is filled with Dominican necessities. Just as a disclaimer, this list is subject to change!

  1. Gustbuster Umbrella
    Dominica is in a tropical location near the rain forests of South America. So it rains nearly every day. Matt probably won't want a pink one, but hey, this is my list not his. 
  2. Medical Supplies
    Speaking of Matt, there are a few things he needs like two pairs of navy scrubs and two pairs of hunter green scrubs, a blood pressure cuff and a dissection kit. I suppose I should put his items on here, too. 
  3. Comfy Sandals
    There is a great need for good walking shoes! I'm good with a cute pair of Keens, Tevos or Chacos or even these Crocs. Matt also needs a pair for anatomy lab. He likes these in black and tan. Size 12.
  4. Water Shoes
    For those muddy days. 6.5 or 7 please.
  5. Rain Boots
    See #1. Plus these cute liners to keep the moisture out.
  6. Mosquito Net
    Portsmouth used to be the capitol of Dominica, but they moved the capitol to the other end of the island because the mosquitoes are so bad there. Awesome.
  7. Walkie Talkies
    For when the power goes out and to keep in touch in a cheaper way than cell phones. Plus, these have weather stations built in. Much needed!
  8. Fans
    Lots and lots of fans. Fans of all sizes. Fans with clips. And fans with stands. Battery operated fans for when the power goes out, too.
  9. Lanterns
    Battery operated lantern for hurricane season.
  10. Mary Kay Products
    Anything and everything Mary Kay. I doubt there's a consultant in Dominica. At least not someone as great as mine!
  11. Organizational Supplies
    A bit of guilty pleasure for me. I love organizational items. And we'll need anything we can get to keep our items organized in a small amount of space. Especially something like this for all of our bathroom goodies. 
  12. OFF Items
    See #6.
  13. Water Storage
    When it rains heavily for several days in a row in Dominica, the water turns brown. We need to get water storage so we can have water saved when this happens.
  14. iPad
    Hey, a girl's got to have one nice thing on her list. And my nice thing just happens to be a 32G white iPad.
  15. Vera Purse
    Let's be honest, this list wouldn't be complete without a Vera bag. And this cute wallet/clutch to go with it. In the Provencal pattern. And I know what you're thinking, but a good purse is always a necessity, right mom? 


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