October 25, 2012


Matt and I have made a new friend here. She promises to give us an experience we won't forget.

Unfortunately that experience will likely entail hours without power or running water. Flooding. High winds. And thunderstorms.

So yes, meet Hurricane Sandy.

Don't get me wrong, in Indiana we have our fair share of violent thunderstorms and the occasional tornado. But a hurricane just seems more daunting.

I think it's the hours without power that have me worried the most. No power here means no running water. And all it takes for the power to go out is a loud sneeze. So I have no hope that we WON'T lose power. It is just a matter of how long we'll be without it.

We've stocked up on bottled water, got our flash lights ready, loaded up our cell minutes and got non-perishable food. I've saved work down on to my desktop and I've bought three new books on my Kindle so I will have something to entertain me. We've also filled up our bathtubs so we have excess water to flush. Priorities! Tomorrow, I plan on turning up the temperature in the fridge and freezer so the temperature in the fridge will stay cooler longer and Matt's going to pick up some extra ice that we can put in there, too. With the food being so expensive here, I'd hate to lose what we've got already.

Our apartment faces south, so we will get a good view of the oncoming storms. Here's a look at what we've seen so far.

Wednesday Evening
Thursday - 6:45 a.m.
Thursday - 8 a.m.
Thursday 2 p.m. - Winds are picking up and the rain is starting. 
Boarding up the windows of Sunset. 
Thursday - 5 p.m. - The rain is really coming down and the wind is picking up.

Campus has closed for Matt on Thursday afternoon and all day Friday along with all of the major businesses here. Ross is giving each student two gallons of water.

So now it's Thursday evening. The storm should be coming in this evening and then hit us hard tomorrow. Pretty sure we'll lose power shortly! They wont turn it back on until the storm has passed. So prayers for a quick turnaround will be helpful!

Of course we can't make it off the island without having a hurricane hit. Even if it's at the tail end of the season when you don't typically see storms anymore. Of course it would happen this year. Just making sure we get the full experience I suppose. Thanks, Freeport.


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