August 3, 2012

One week in

It is hot here. Very hot. And the humidity? That's what's bad. The great thing is the ocean breeze which cools everything off. And makes the weather tolerable. But enough about that.

We are getting settled in and acclimating to our surroundings. We're figuring out different things such as what bus drivers to use, who has the most inexpensive lunches, etc. Matt and I each got a Bahamian telephone number as well. We were just going to have one for Matt, but after thinking about it some more, thought it would be best if we each had our own phones in order to communicate with each other when he's off studying.

Check out this Nokia. I mean, it's no iPhone, but it's got a color screen. What more do you want?!

Most of the other students arrived by Wednesday. So Wednesday night we went to a Fish Fry at Taino Beach. The locals put this on every week for tourists and locals alike. It was a fun way to meet many of the students and get a taste of the Bahamian flavor. No, I haven't tried any fish yet. I'm just waiting for that perfect opportunity when I know the fish will be delicious. Hopefully. :)

The Fish Fry was a great way for the students to start networking and making initial friendships. We really have met some amazing people already which has been very comforting for the both of us. Luckily, there are a couple of other wives here! I met Rachel at the Fish Fry. Her and her husband Jonathan were sweet enough to take care of me when I overheated! (Did I mention it's hot?!)  It's so great to know there is someone else here who can relate to what I'm going through as well. I'm sure we will become great friends as we already hit it off. And they brought their dog! They MUST be great people!

We met some other great guys, too, who are already working to put study groups together. One of the guys has a car and is very familiar with island already. He and his girlfriend have been so wonderful and so sweet. She unfortunately will only be staying for the week, but I am hoping she'll find some time to come back and visit. :)

Connor took us to a more secluded type beach, Fortune Beach, in Freeport. It was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. Just look at these photos.. And these are straight iPhone photos. I didn't edit them one bit.

I know - it looks like I ripped off a few screensavers. But this is real life. I should mention the ocean water felt more like hot tub water. We also got to see a crab, sea turtles and some really big fish. They've seen sting rays, so we will be on the lookout. We will certainly be coming back here.

We're looking forward to spending our first full weekend here, too! It's hard to believe we've only been here a few days as time is already flying by.

Matt starts his orientation on Tuesday and classes start Wednesday so we are going to enjoy our time in Paradise before his nose is in the books!


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