August 9, 2012

A Couple Lists

Matt has finished his second full day of class! The first couple of weeks will be predominantly review materials. His first quiz is Monday. They'll have a quiz every other Monday from there on out. He's already forming study groups and getting into his study habits.

While he's studying, I've had time to think about the differences between the Bahamas and home. I thought I'd share with you some of the things I miss, and on the flipside, what I'm enjoying about the Bahamas!

Home Sweet Home 

  • Obviously, family first! This includes my sweet Emmy Dog.
  • And of course our friends.
  • Decently priced groceries. A sale of $14 for a family-sized box of cereal. No thanks.
  • On that note, being able to go to the grocery and KNOW they will have milk, bread, etc. that isn't expired.
  • Central air conditioning. 
  • My good ole 260 phone number.
  • My car. Oh to be able to get up and leave whenever I want..
  • Target.
  • My co-workers. Technology is great, but Skype can only do so much.
  • Not having to coat myself in sunscreen whenever I go outside.
  • Not sweating. And with that includes not needing to shower nearly three times a day. 
  • My kitchen amenities. Try cooking something in the oven and then realizing you don't have hot pads.
  • Being able to walk somewhere and not be offered drugs.
  • The concept of time - being 'on time' specifically.
  • A good fountain Dt. Coke.
  • Fast internet. And wifi - everywhere.
  • Not having to carry our groceries home from the store.
  • American food. 
  • 60% humidity or less. 
  • Hot water all the time.
  • Not having to drink 387 gallons of water every day to feel hydrated.
  • Pandora.

Yay Bahamas

  • The scenery. B-e-a-utiful beaches.
  • Our new friends!
  • The locals. Friendly, friendly people. 
  • Even with no vehicle, transportation is easier than I anticipated.
  • No traffic jams or rush hour.
  • Coke Zero. I don't know what it is exactly that makes it better. But it is delicious. And as Landon would say - I know my 'licious. 
  • Sea creatures. 
  • Less ragweed = less allergies.
  • $7 movie theater tickets. Jackpot.
  • The culture.
  • KFC Delivery. I haven't tried this yet. But that's pretty awesome.
  • The eclectic nature of the people. You can do a LOT of fun people watching down here.
  • Lizards, salamanders or Gecko's or whatever they are. Yes - this is the right list. They are fun to watch!
  • Trying all of the fish!
  • Treasure hunting.

So there you have it. And yes, the list on what I miss is longer. It's only been a couple of weeks. I'm sure the second list will grow with time. Hopefully anyway.

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