August 5, 2012

Our New Neighbors

We've had a couple of lazy few days here this weekend. Just relaxing and trying to enjoy our time before Matt's studying all the time.

Yesterday was fairly cloudy and we had some heavy rain in the morning. So yesterday afternoon we went to a movie at a theater in downtown Freeport. As everything here seems to be so much more expensive than the states, the movie was only $7 and a large popcorn was $4. Pretty awesome. But one difference - no refills. Regardless, it was air conditioned. Which is even better than refills.

I'm also branching out in my food selection! I've tried grouper and snapper. Impressed? What's better? I even liked it! 

Last night we spent some time up at Clough Point with a few of our new friends exploring the Bahamian wildlife - or our new neighbors as we like to call it. It's such a beautiful place! They've spotted dolphins there already, so we were on the lookout. Unfortunately we didn't see any dolphins, but we did have a great time spotting other wildlife.

Sea Urchin
Hermit Crabs were everywhere!

That seashell is actually another Hermit Crab.
After the beach, we went to Port Lucaya Marketplace. This is where most of the restaurants are that we go to. There's also a stage for live music and lots of dancing. And even better people watching. Between the cruisers, resort-goers and locals, it's an entertaining crowd with all sorts of awkward dancing. Plus, I've heard the Wobble more in the past couple of days than I have the entire time I was back in the states. That's not supposed to make you jealous.

With all the beauty surrounding us, one thing I am getting tired of seeing is this:

Due to commercial licensing laws, we aren't able to stream Pandora, watch Hulu, view news clips online, etc.    Luckily, we do get American cable stations, so we can keep up that way. 

The sun is out this morning so hopefully we'll get a good beach day in today. Monday is a holiday here, Emancipation Day, so everything will be closed. Tuesday is all day orientation and then classes begin Wednesday!


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