August 13, 2012

Chicken in a Bag

First quiz is over - woo! Turns out, it was just a quiz to measure the knowledge base of the class. It didn't count for anything, except a good measure for how nervous he'll be before a test. That measured up pretty well.

After not sleeping well last night, I am oh so tired tonight. So this will be short and sweet. Short definitely - sweet maybe.

Part of my responsibility down here is to take care of Matt - make sure he eats, eats well, sleeps, has clean clothes, etc. So this morning, being the good housewife, I decided to get a couple loads of laundry done first thing. Our apartment sadly doesn't have our own washing machine, so I have to use the community machine which is thankfully just around the corner. (Let me clarify - this washer and dryer is in a 'room' that doesn't have A.C. and the door is open all the time, so you're completely exposed to the elements.) So I put my $1.25 in the machines and started my laundry. Then, put in another $1.25 to dry.

Keep in mind, this was at 7:45 a.m. And the humidity level was at 90%. Yes - that's a 9-0.

When it was time for the dryer to finish, I go back in the little room with the washing machine, and my glasses instantly fogged up. So needless to say, none of my clothes were even near being dry. And being cheap, I refused to put another $1.25 in to see if that did the trick. I took the alternate option and just hung laundry up all around the house. Whatever works I suppose. And they dried - eventually.

As I mentioned above, I am exhausted today. So instead of cooking dinner, I decided we should get the Pepperpot for dinner. (FYI - Pepperpot is a local mom n' pop type restaurant.) They are known for Chicken in a Bag - and they're within walking distance. Bonus!

Hearing a meal called Chicken in a Bag had me a little skeptical. But our favorite taxi driver Tyrone explained it well enough. When asked what it was he replied.... "It's chicken in a bag mon. ..... It's a bag." Well ok then - clearly its just plain and simple chicken in a bag.

And he was right.

It's a half a chicken. Sitting on a bed of french fries. Wrapped in aluminum foil. Clearly - chicken in a bag. All for $7. Pretty tasty, too. And super greasy. So I could only eat about a quarter of it all. Still it was delicious.

Speaking of Tyrone. You've got to check out this video from Rachel of Tyrone serenading us one evening on the way home. You'll love it. You should also check out Rachel's blog!

And that's all I've got for today folks.



  1. I love that song! We had some very eclectic music on our family road trips, and my parents are Trini Lopez fans.

  2. BTW, this is Liz Molnar, one of Matt's ex-co-workers.

  3. That's great! I had never heard of it before - it's catchy! Hope you're doing well back in Indy!!


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