August 20, 2012

Get Your Movie Popcorn Ready

Exciting day here in Freeport! Matt took his first quiz today. I think he was pleased with the results - and even more pleased to get it over with. Hopefully the nerves will be less and he can continue on and keep studying!

I've been trying to keep this blog fresh with new ideas along with updating you on Matt, myself and giving you a glimpse of our life down here. And I don't want you to get bored!

So.....I conned Matt in to recording his walk to campus and narrating for you as well with some general information about Freeport and our little neighborhood. It's a good way to see Freeport like we do. Now, just turn up your heat to 95 degrees and pump up the humidity to 85%, and you'll get the full experience!

Isn't Matt entertaining? I think my favorite part is when he says, "If you're nerdy like me...." 

You should also note this is the same trek we have to make when we get groceries. Imagine carrying bags of groceries home on that 12 minute walk. Jealous?

With Matt on campus all day, I was of course back at the apartment. At one point this afternoon, I heard this loud music outside our window which I thought was just the local nightclub next door testing out the sound system. But when I looked out, there was a pirate ship float strolling down Sunrise Highway. This is normal, right? So this evening, when I heard the music again, I got the camera and started taping. There isn't a zoom on my camera, so my apologies. But the music sounds great!

We aren't totally sure what the parade was for, but it was decorated with Bahamian flags and colors, so we're thinking it was the gold medal men's track relay team! Very cool to see either way!

So there's your bit of entertainment for the day!

Home sweet home in five more sleeps!


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