August 19, 2012

We Caught a Lobster!

Yep. You read it right. We got a lobster! And no - it wasn't at a restaurant. Or grocery. Straight out of the ocean. Let me set this up for you.

After Matt and Jonathan spent the entire day Saturday studying, they decided to detox by doing some snorkeling - AKA treasure hunting. Taino Beach was beautiful Saturday night, and they had already scouted out their spot from where they previously saw the lobsters hiding out.

Jonathan came prepared with all the right supplies to make a successful lobster hunt.

Snorkel? Check.
Handmade spear? Check.
Pillow case? Check.

Yes, ladies - he's taken. 
Now all we needed was the lobster.

So while Rachel and I were running/swimming/screaming away from the sting ray that got a tad to close to Rachel's foot, the guys went on the hunt.

And they came out successful fisherman - or should it be lobstermen?

Just check out Jonathan's catch!

Yep. That's right. Check out that lobster. What a find! The guys were so proud.

Don't you worry folks. We tossed him back. 

One thing we did keep though - was the beautiful sea biscuit Matt found! We've soaked it in bleach, and it's perfectly white now!

Jonathan found a crab, too! So what if it's bigger than the lobster.

So, it was certainly a successful study break. They definitely needed it.

Today we experienced our first power outage. Apparently the power goes out here more often than you might think. It's not because of storms or anything; it will just go out. And this morning, before we were cleaned up, it went out. Luckily we had some extra pitchers of water so we could use that to clean up a bit. But that was all. You'd be surprised at how fast it heats up when the AC shuts off. 

So we ventured off to campus, where they thankfully have a back-up generator. The guys studied there while we enjoyed the beach. Sounds fair, right? The power came back on in the meantime, and we spent the evening at the Womack's where Rachel cooked up yummy turkey burger sliders with the most delicious cranberry mango topping. It was the best meal we've had down here.

Jumping back a bit, Friday night we had a nice dinner at the Port and then just strolled around and enjoyed the study free night.  Here are a few pictures from the Port.

Matt's studying some more tonight. They have their first graded test tomorrow morning at 9 a.m. I have to say, I'm so proud at how hard he's been studying along with the dedication he's been showing. I have to convince him to put away the books and relax a bit so he can sleep. But he put in about 25 hours of studying today and yesterday, along with the many hours of studying this past week. It's going to be a rigorous, intense next 13 weeks, but I'm sure he will keep up the motivation and determination he's shown in the first couple. 

Home sweet home in six more sleeps!

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