January 17, 2013

A Look at Semester One

Matt is officially enthralled in Semester One!

In fact, his first mini is Monday.

Most of the material he is covering now, he covered in MERP, so that has been very helpful. He's glad he learned it well in MERP, so he isn't so overwhelmed now.

Here's a breakdown of his first semester.

Gross Anatomy (yep, dissecting a cadaver.)
Micro Anatomy
Behavioral Sciences

The semester is broken up into blocks. The first block is called fundamentals. It is five weeks of learning the basics in each course. Block two is studying the normal state of heme/lymph, i.e. blood and your lymphatic system in non-med student terms. Block three is pulmonary and cardio - translation: lungs and heart. Block four runs in conjunction with the other blocks lasting the duration of the semester. It covers clinical skills and case studies.

His grade is contingent on four exams, two lab practicals and one final. Unlike MERP, he won't have quizzes every week. Block one's exam is broken up into two parts. The first part is Monday at 8 a.m.! The second exam is on Feb. 13. (Yes, that's Matt's birthday!) Blocks two and three have one exam, but will also have a cumulative final. In addition to the minis, there are two lab practical exams in histology and gross anatomy.

These scores are what determines his passing, final score. His goal is a 70% or higher.

He's really enjoying his first two weeks. It's certainly been challenging, but we've said it before, MERP was a great prep as he already has a head start on the majority of the material.

To get ready for his first mini, he has a three day weekend as they don't have class tomorrow. It won't always be scheduled that way, but it works out this time.

Prayers would be appreciated as the first exam is always the most intimidating!

And because the rainbows and sunsets here never get old, I'll end with some more gorgeous sites to enjoy!


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