January 16, 2013

Whale of a Good Time

So yes, I did have to go with a cheesy headline. Cheese must be on my mind. The IGA got their milk/dairy delivery tonight so I just got back from running down the street to get milk, sour cream and cream cheese, along with a few other things.

I seriously underestimated how heavy my groceries were going to be without Matt helping me to carry them home. (He has a class this evening.) Rachel and I grumbled only half the way back about the weight. Maybe more like three-fourths. But most importantly, we have milk! Woo! Frosted flakes here I come.

Other than the exciting milk news, the only other eventful thing this week is that our barrel is getting shipped out tomorrow! It's all packed and sealed and ready to be taken to Conway Trucking. It will take two days to get to Miami, and then it will leave for Dominica on Wednesday. It should then take a week to get here. We'll hire the taxi service to go pick it up for us and have it delivered. I am oh so excited!

Back to point of the post. We went whale watching Saturday! The school sponsors several tours throughout the first week or so of orientation each semester. Many are island tours and excursions. Whale watching was one of them! Since it was sponsored, we were able to go for a few dollars each.

It was by far one of the neatest experiences I've ever had. I am so glad to have went. Dominica is known for whale watching, because they do have about an 80-90% success rate of seeing whales.

They loaded us up on catamaran and we trekked out a few miles into the sea. Once we got to a certain area, they put a microphone down in the water, and we listened for clicking noises from the whales.

The first stop didn't reveal anything, so we trudged along, and admired the gorgeous island from the boat.

At our third and final stop, the microphone went down and we heard it! Very cool! They were able to tell the what direction the whales were in. So they took us in that direction, and we were told to watch for sprays above the water. Sure enough, we spotted them!

Again, one of the greatest things I've ever experienced. We saw 3-4 sperm whales. (Not sure if we saw the same one twice, or if it was a different one.) We even saw a baby!

It definitely wasn't what I had anticipated. They weren't jumping out of the water Shamu style, but it was awe inspiring to watch these massive creatures in their natural habitat.

Fun fact - the guides were sure to approach the whales from their tail end, so that they don't disorient them by blocking their sonar.

The guide told us that when the whale is going to dive down, he will yell "Tail!" That's when we were to get our camera's ready and get the tail shot. Sure enough, not too long after that, the first whale dove, and I snapped this gem!

How awesome. He said that they will dive down a couple thousand feet. 

The trip back to the dock was gorgeous. The landscape here is absolutely stunning.

We were even able to spot our home! You can see Comfort Zone as it is nestled in as the front orange/pink building with white stairs down in the lower left corner.

All in all, it was definitely an experience we will never forget. And we'd love to again!


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