January 26, 2013


distance is not for the fearful,
it is for the bold.
it is for those who are willing
to spend a lot of time alone
in exchange for a little time
with the one they love.
it is for those knowing a good thing
when they see it, even if
they don't see it nearly enough.

I'm not sure where to attribute this quote to, but I think this will become my mantra for the next 16 months. Although most of the time, I feel more fearful than bold, I still feel like we are right where we're supposed to be.

I can't imagine sending Matt down here by himself, especially in our first year of marriage. We're here to love and support each other through this. And do that together. Even though it's awfully challenging at times, we are finding our way and our place in this journey.

I'm reminded of where we were one year ago. Getting the last bits and pieces put together for the wedding ceremony with piles and piles of fabric and crafts spewed over our apartment. Matt was accepted in November 2011, but we still pushed the Bahamas out of our minds as we wanted to relish the last few months of our engagement.

It seems strange to think it's only been a year, because so much has happened. At the same time, it is hard to believe a year has passed.

So for now, we're taking this time to spend with ourselves, away from our support networks, family and friends, and comforts of home, in order to spend time with each other preparing a steady foundation for our future and ensuring our happiness and satisfaction in life.


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