January 23, 2013


Well, Matt's first medical school exam is over!  Better yet, he passed it, too!

Doesn't that look like the face of someone who's about to pass his first mini? I think so. I'm sure what helped him over the edge wasn't the countless hours of studying he put in. I'm sure it had to be that delicious Eggvacado you see him enjoying for breakfast. What's an Eggvocado you ask? It's egg-xactly (see what I did there) as it sounds. I took an avocado and cut it in half, pitted it then filled it with the egg. Salt and pepper it with a bit of parmesan cheese, bake it and you got yourself a pretty good breakfast.

Apparently good enough to boost you through Mini 1 Part 1. 

I'll move on from the cheesy jokes. But, congratulations to Matt! And thank you for your support!

So beyond Matt's first big test, I took a trip to Roseau yesterday with the Ross Spouse Organization (RSO). RSO is great for many reasons, as it connects many of the spouses together. Everyone is friendly and helpful! It's also where I got my wonderful sponsor who helped me prepare for the island, and who has welcomed me so warmly upon our arrival, making this transition go so much more smoothly.

But, back to the Roseau trip! Roseau is the capitol of Dominica and is more of a 'metropolis' of sorts. We were taken to three stores, and had all of our items loaded in the vans for us and then brought up to our doors. Much more convenient than carrying it all by ourselves!

I was able to find some basic things I needed such as a pizza pan, more seal tight tupperware, ice cream scoop, plastic shelving units (the organizer in me was loving it!), bulk paper towels, olive oil, etc. The items in Roseau are generally cheaper and more readily available, so it's nice to bulk up when possible.

The shopping trip was a success! And it was also nice to get to know a few more of the spouses and families here. Plus it was nice to have a different look at the island. We've been here almost a month, and I have yet to leave Portsmouth. 

Our apartment here is turning more into a home day by day. You don't think about how you have to restock everything once you get here, but having to buy basic things like salt and pepper, condiments, etc. takes time and money!

Of course, the things that make it the most homey here are our personal belongings and mementos from home. Sadly, the majority of our photos didn't make it down because of the luggage fiasco, but they will be here hopefully next week in our barrel! One thing that did make it, is this lovely piece from Mom Medjeski!

This was one of the first things we hung up right next to our door. It's so appropriate and something I'm reminded of every day - especially on the harder days. Thanks Mom Medjeski for providing us with assurance daily, even from over 2,000 miles away!

We are embracing the island more and more. Matt and I have gone to the yoga class here. They offer free classes three times a week. And it's going to be held on a seaside desk - right next to the ocean. 

We are also making new friends and enjoying our 'old' friends. We're trying local food, local amenities and getting fully accustomed to luke warm showers, brown water and flying ants.

I'm pushing myself outside of my comfort zone a bit which has been a good thing. 

The homesickness hasn't set it, which I'm overly thankful for. But there are still days when I miss my family and Emmy oh so much. Especially when my little nephew isn't feeling well. Being this far away is hard when I want to be there for him!

But Landon is on the upswing, (the flu this year is awful!) and Emmy is doing well, too. So that's all we can ask for. 

I know it's only Wednesday, but this week has been rather eventful. So here's a look at what we've seen so far this week!

I feel like I should explain this one. They are moving a campus building next to Jenner Hall, which is right next door. This photo was taken a a few hours ago. It still hasn't moved. I don't think they were quite prepared. 

We are also thinking of all of you in Indiana who are experiencing this awful cold weather! Stay warm folks. 

So, needless to say, we haven't had a dull day yet. We are constantly learning new things and observing interesting facets of this tiny island. And here's to many new adventures to come!


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