July 30, 2012

And Now We're Locals

As we are now all settled in, we took some time today to go out and explore as we are now 'locals.' It's funny to think that the majority of the people we see around the beaches and such are just on their vacation, and we get to say that we live here.

We had such a great time and really enjoyed ourselves. First thing this morning, Matt went in to get his computer configured and picked up a few additional grocery items. The grocery store (Soloman's) and campus is in the same area and about a five minute walk from Sunset. We tried our first Bahamian fresh fruit. Delicious! I can get used to this.

A Saturn or Donut Peach
Then, we had our first public bus experience! It was very easy. Basically, you go to the bus shack on the side of the road that's the direction you want to go and a bus (which is actually a van) will come by and pick you up. They don't have specific routes, so you just tell them where you're going and they'll take you. It's only about $1.25 per person for wherever you want to go. Very easy!

We took the bus to Port Lucaya. This is the main tourist area. All of the cruise ships port here as there is lots of shopping, a casino and beautiful beaches! The casino also has an ATM which is one of the best places to withdraw cash from what we've been told. We are typically using cash, as US dollars and Bahamian currency are accepted and treated near equal. For example, we purchased something with US dollars and received change mixed with both US dollars and Bahamian currency.

Port Lucaya

Since we are in the Bahamas, we felt it necessary to try the local flare. :) A true Bahama Mama. And it was tasty!

We ventured down to Port Lucaya Beach and enjoyed the beautiful water and views! The ocean water is about 82 degrees!

After the beach, we ventured into the Port Lucaya Marketplace to take a look around and grab a bite to eat. But look what I found first!

Mmm - Unsweetened Iced Green Tea. This is a Venti here which is closer to the Grande size at home. And it was about $3.25 to give you a bit of reference on the price difference.

This is the entrance to the Marketplace. They have several shops with local vendors. I could spend plenty of time in here!

So far, we are adjusting pretty well. Getting used to the heat is the biggest step. With the locals being so friendly and warm, it has been easy to feel welcome.

Some things I'm glad we packed!
  • All of the toiletries - body wash, shampoo, contact solution, etc. We have been able to find nearly everything we packed, but it is MUCH more expensive down here. Completely worth the trip to buy everything ahead of time and pack all we could fit.
  • Surge protectors - apparently the power goes out quite regularly. Good to have to protect computers, etc.
  • Along with the power outages, flashlights - will need the flashlights!
  • Filtered water bottles. It's amazing how much we are using these! I would recommend the CamelBak. We got them at Target.
  • Dry fit clothing.
  • Sunscreen. More specifically - sweatproof sunscreen
Overall, I think Matt and I did pretty well with the items we packed. It also helps I'll be going home in a few weeks so I can bring some more stuff down. :) One thing I will be sure to bring down are rolls of quarters so we can do laundry!

I'm sure there will be more things we will think of as we spend more time here. But that's all for now!

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