July 8, 2012

Weekend of Goodbyes

This weekend was filled with many goodbyes.  It's been easy to get wrapped up in the thought of moving away from friends, family and Emmy to this country we've never been to and be swooped into a negative spiral. But through these goodbyes, I certainly got a look at what we have been blessed with. So, here goes, and I'll try not to get too sappy.

Friday night I had a send-off party with my office. Working with these ladies, and few token males, has been such a blessing. There's not much I can say to convey the appreciation for the opportunities I've been afforded working here. I know I'll keep in close contact after the move, but it will be hard not seeing everyone in the office nearly every day.

Our sweet Emmy dog also got freshly groomed on Friday night. Doesn't she look great?!

Emmy is my baby. I am having a very hard time coping with the fact that I have to leave her. Just look at those sweet eyes - do you blame me? She brings such joy to Matt and I. We are lucky to have her and thankful to know that she will be taken care of while we're gone.

Saturday, I  got my hair cut at the best salon in Indy, Salon Orange Moon with Jess! (If you're ever in Indy, and need a fresh look, you MUST check them out. You can't go wrong with anyone in there!) I will certainly miss coming in and visiting, as an afternoon with Jess will always put me in good spirits.

We also had a going away party with our friends Saturday night. It was a very bittersweet night seeing so many of our friends all together again. It certainly feels like 'home' whenever we are all together. We are so thankful for our wonderful friends and all of the happy memories we have made together.

This morning, we got our 'mug and a hug' from Pastor Ryan at First Mennonite. We get the official coffee mug, hug and best wishes from our congregation. First Mennonite welcomed Matt and I with such open arms when we first started coming!

After church, my sister, her husband and my favorite little guy, Landon, came for lunch. Of course, after lunch, we had to visit the pool.

What a cutie?! Seriously - that ornery grin, floaties and dinosaur trunks are just too much cuteness for one photo. Love this little guy. And he certainly knows how to get whatever he wants from his Aunt Mimi and Uncle Matt.  After a hard afternoon at the pool - what better way to rejuvenate than with frozen yogurt. As Landon would say, it's delicious - and I know my licious.

 The rest of our afternoon consisted of some downtime - watching the Wimbledon recap and napping with the husband and Emmy dog. That is certainly a blessing. 

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